January 30, 2013

New Artwork for DonB!

In my work as a strolling magician, I am always looking for new cards to perform with.  I came across a deck, The Vaudeville Deck, and purchased one for my work.

I really liked the style of artwork, so I searched around a bit and found the artist's name, Nemanja Jovanovic, from Montenegro.

After explaining to him in an email how I found him, and what I was interested in, he provided some basic ideas, and they looked great!  I waited about 2 weeks, and then started receiving some hints of how it would look finished, and I got excited.  The lettering style was cool. The ideas of juggling and the unicycle were great.

Well, just this last weekend I received the finished artwork, and here it is:

Now that's pretty amazing, eh?

If you are interested in having some incredible artwork done for you, feel free to contact the artist at nemo@fracturize.me

1 comment:

  1. Yes that is pretty amazing and I sent the guy an email from this former student at the Academy of Art is San Francisco. Impressive.

    Jim Sparx (Spartacus)