October 3, 2010

2 New Print Pieces for DonB!

It takes a while, but with some persistence, feedback from friends who know what they are doing, and a lot of tweaking, I finally finished 2 new pieces of publicity materials for DonB!.

The first one is based on feedback over the years of my red poster. It looked great, but the photo didn't properly portray what my programs are about. So, with a simplified design, subtle color usage, and trying to remember that "empty space is good", here is my new poster:

If you have a booking coming up with DonB! Ministries, please call and request the new posters.  Unless you want a really boring show, then don't use any posters at all.  :)

The second piece I finished is the advertising for our new Dontar Machine.  Based on the machine from the Tom Hank's movie, "BIG", we have created an "interactive LIVE robotic automaton." what is an "interactive LIVE robotic automaton", you say?  It is a multi-use machine that contains a robotic living half person, designed to fit over 25 different themes, that can come to life and drop prizes to participants.

The pirate drops foil chocolate coins.  "Grandma Bea" gives away funny, comical advice, the type your Grandma probably gave you at one time.  The casino dealer can either perform mechanical card routines, or give away prizes that fit into a casino-night themed party.

Other characters include "ASYLUM S.K.P.", for halloween parties, "Dontar" the comedy fortune-teller, "Elf Magic", featuring Santa's tallest elf performing magic, and giving away real magic tricks.  Others include the "Cheeky Magician", "Wisdom of Solomon" for Christian events, and your usual "Gypsy"-styled fortune-teller, giving away comedy fortunes.

Here is that new poster, already in the hands of 4 talent agencies in the Midwest:

Our first booking with the machine is this Thursday at the University of Minnesota, as a promotion for their extracurricular programming.  I will be in the box as a goofy, malfunctioning cheerleader, giving away pom-pom and megaphone keychains.  Pictures to follow.

Have a great week everyone,