April 4, 2012

New appearances of DonB!

While looking for some items on the internet, I randomly came across a photo of me, and then proceeded to Google Search for myself.  I found myself in places I never knew I existed.  Here are a few:

On a website, and a featured performer on their "Magician" Homepage:

On an athletic website, a photo of my plate-spinning routine (used with permission):

On my stilts during the National Anthem at the 19th Annual Twin Cities Polo Classic:

Radio Station 104.5 FM from a 2011 show in Ohio:

Muskegon Entertainment:

Eating at Ruby Tuesday's:

Magician Norm Barnhart's Entertainer's Blog:

Where have YOU been lately?

And that's it for now.  I guess I've really gotten around.


January 17, 2012

Happy New Year! - A Resolution

Can it be true?!?  Is it really 2012 already?!?  It's incredible how time flies.

It's that time of year when people have made "new year's resolutions".  It's also about this time of year when most people forget about their resolution and eat those extra chocolate chip cookies anyway.  I know I did.

Well, it's a new year in different ways.  My home church here in Mora, Emmanuel Baptist Church, is heading into the new year, with goals about individual growth, as well as growth within our community.  Our senior pastor, Mike Herzog, presented what his message, "The State of the Unity" last weekend, and told how possible it is to have a "new beginning" as a church.  Instead of looking back and saying, "that's not how we used to do it", he encouraged the entire church to look forward, to what can be accomplished as a healthy group of Christians work together, instead of divided.  This is one resolution that I hope grows strong and happens the way it has the potential to.

As for me, I look into the new year and see how many shows I have, the places I will be traveling, and look forward to the people I can work alongside of, and those I can perform for.  My calendar is filling fast, and that's wonderful!

Our daughter, Deanna, finished up her first semester of college at North Central University, and is transferring over to Bethel university in 2 weeks.  She likes college, but it's weird not having her around all the time.

Dale, our son, is 15 years old, and has his fingers in all sorts of projects.  He loves remote controlled vehicles (he assembled one really nice one from various kits), is working on a large robotics program at Mora high School, and is going nuts hoping for enough snow to go snowboarding.  Minnesota hasn't received much snow this winter.  Yet.

Debbie is in her 9th year as a paraprofessional at Mora Junior High School, and still loves it.  She's awesome.

As for me, I'm just trying to better my life day by day.  I love to hear people's stories, and asked for anyone on Facebook to tell me about something that has made a big difference in their life.  I like to know what people are doing to bring more meaning to their relationships.  Even our Bible study group talked about how important relationships are to keep people connected and healthy.

What about your year coming up?  What do you have planned?  Did you make a new year's resolution, and have you kept it?