October 29, 2009

DonB! appears in Everlife video

Alright, it's not an official video, but one that they recorded on the last tour. I appear for a moment, making a comment about Sarah getting cut in half during rehearsals

Click HERE to see it.


Home after touring, but only for a few days

Recently I've had the opportunity to perform with two of my favorite illusionists. The first one is a friend that I made way back in 1989, when Debbie & I travelled with his illusion show, Toby Travis. Toby was in Minnesota performing in Lindstrom, and he invited me to perform some of my things in the shows. I had a great time, and was able to swap life stories with Toby once again.

After the programs (we did 2 of them) we looked through the comment cards, and I found 2 that mentioned me.

This one reads: "DonB - you're a dynamo!
The other one simply said:

I also have been traveling for the last 12 days with illusionist, Harris III, and his show, "Sens de Vie". As stated in a previous entry, there are 10 of us on the road for this tour. Harris, his wife, Katie, Beth (road manager), David (sound engineer), Adam (lighting engineer), the 3 girls from Everlife, their friend, Aaron, and myself.

On my last flight to meet them, I boarded the plane right behind actor, Hugh Grant. I had actually been talking with him in the terminal for 10 minutes before realizing who he was. I didn't want to hound him for a picture, so this is as good as it gets. I know, no photography awards for me.

I had some time while on tour to do a little sight seeing and geocaching, and while out running around, Adam & I found this place:

It is where Jimmy Buffet got his start as a college student playing music on campus. If you look in the lower tight hand corner you can see his name listed along with other greats that have performed at this club.

On the entire tour, we played to sold-out houses, and received very warm standing ovations at the end of every show.

My own personal moment is as all of us are introduced to run out onstage for our final bows, I get many loud whoops and hollers when I run out there. I love to know that the audience appreciates what I do in the show. Warm fuzzies...

Here is a strange picture I took of the Sawing in Half illusion sitting under the glowing red of the backstage lamps. This is one of my favorite illusions in the entire show. For the last 2 performances, Sarah, from Everlife, was the lady that was sawn in half. Neat integration of her into the illusion part of the show.

I'll finish up with some fun, random photos taken while on tour. Here they are...

Getting ready to go onstage and spin my plates. I set a new record: 16 plates broken in one show. That's a lot of trips to the Dollar Store.

Our second show took place in this auditorium. What you can barely see are the full extended bleachers on each side that were full about an hour after this picture was taken. They were a VERY excited crowd.

Amber, Julia and Sarah

Katie Harris, playing Jazz Singer-like dress-up backstage during set-up.

Don, David & Adam, out geocaching on the campus of the college where we performed that night.

I leave you with some words of wisdom from 2 Corinthians:

2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.


October 20, 2009

DonB! back on the road with "Sens de Vie" Show

I flew to Nashville last week, and arrived with 2 of my 3 suitcases. The other 2 arrived later that night and were delivered to us where we were rehearsing.

This tour is lead by illusionist Harris III. The music on the tour this time is Everlife, 3 sisters (Sarah, Julia, Amber) originally from Pennsylvania, now living in Nashville. Some of you may know them from a tour they did with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. They are really very talented, and their music can be found on iTunes and YouTube. Here they are doing sound check at rehearsals:

We were looking forward to taking out a new illusion, one we refer to as "Chateau", a play on the word "shadow". Now that we've performed it twice onstage, I really like it. I get to perform some basic hand shadows before the shadows begin transforming into Harris, the magician.

After 2 days of rehearsal and illusion building, the RV rig was loaded, and we headed out on the road.

On Sunday we drove to Moss Point, Mississippi, and loaded into a beautiful theatre there.

We did two shows, both of them completely sold out.

The next day, Katie Harris' dog, Tucker, was having problems with his eye. A quick stop at the vet resulted in eye medicine that turned his eye green, making him look like an evil one-green-eyed dog:

The only injury of the tour was during the 2nd show, when I made the mistake of trying to re-spin one of my spinning plates, but not noticing that it had a sharp chip on one side. I slit the tip of my right hand middle finger, so I finished the routine with my hand in a fist. I ran off stage and ran it under water, and then realized how deep it really was. I did not have it checked for stitches, but probably should have. Oh well.

On the way home we made a quick stop at Arby's and I took a group photo:

Me, Harris, Katie, Adam (lights), Beth (road manager) and Dave (sound tech)

Now we have 2 days off back here in Nashville, then a day of rehearsal, and back on the road again. Be sure to take a look at my website to see if/when I will be in your area of the country.

Until next time...

October 6, 2009

Come to OHIO and see DonB!

Here is the poster from Austintown Community Church, where I am performing this weekend:

If you are anywhere nearby, please come over, enjoy the food and catch one, or both, of the shows.


October 5, 2009

DonB! at KidZ BlaZt 2010

Here is a LINK to the website promoting my performances at the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District Assemblies of God kid's gathering at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells February 26th & 27th.

Should be a great time performing and ministering to all the kids and families that will be there.

Plus, I might get a chance to play on all of the water slides. YES!