October 7, 2008

PC and Mac: DonB! now uses both!

After looking at laptop computers for 3 years, and wondering when I would actually get around to purchasing one, it finally happened.

Thanks to 2 generous gifts from supporters of DonB! Ministries, I went and bought a laptop.  The change for me is that it is a MacBook, and not a Windows-based PC.  So now I have two different computers, running two totally separate types of programs.  The good news is that I now can continue working even while I am on the road (which will be quite a bit in the next 5 weeks).

The reason that I went with a Mac is this:  I talked with graphic artists that I know, and ALL OF THEM said that if I plan to continue doing my own photographs and web photos, a Mac is more stable (no crashes) and runs much faster.  And they are right.  This computer loads fast, runs fast and is very "intuitive", meaning that if I don't know how to accomplish something, I experiment with what seems right to me, and I'm usually right!

So, next time you find me travelling, ask to see my newest baby, born only yesterday.