December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all

As our family is in the middle of a 4-location process of celebrating Christmas with family and friends, I've found a few moments to stop and say a few words here.

First, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas. Each one of us has our own circumstances, and Christmas can be a time of anxiety for many, but no matter how you choose to spend Christmas this year, I pray many blessings for each one of you.

Second, I would like to thank each one of you that takes the time to read this newsletter, and laugh at the funny postings, ponder the thoughtful ones, and simply praise God for the many opportunities He has placed me into during 2007. Many new doors have been opened for me. Many new performing experiences have happened, in many cool places I have never been. I sincerely believe that many of these opportunities are because I have friends around the world like all of you praying for these times of ministry and entertainment.

And last, as we enter into this new year, I have no idea what will come our way, either good or bad. But I hope that each of you can experience, at least in part, the joy that I feel in my own life right now. I have a beautiful wife, two kids whom I love with all my heart, a roof over my head, a dependable vehicle, a home church that we are plugged into regularly, a "job" that I wouldn't trade for the world, and a Savior that was born 2000 years ago. I honestly wonder how other people live a life, with deep meaning and purpose, without knowing the God that created them. I don't understand it, but will try and spend the rest of my life introducing them to Him.

Jesus was born in a stable, and He is "The Reason" our family celebrates Christmas. Gifts, lights, trees; they're all the peripheral parts of the celebration. The focus, for me, is Christ.

It sounds so cliche when it is spoken, but when you think about it, it has real meaning:

Have a merry Christmas,
and a happy new year.

December 18, 2007

How does your age define success?

I realize that this short segment isn't ministry oriented, but with all of the various age groups I perform for, I find it laugh-out-loud funny. Please excuse the potty humor in the first and last lines. -DonB!

At age 4 success is . . not peeing in your pants.
At age 12 success is . . having friends.
At age 16 success is . . having a drivers license.
At age 35 success is . . having money.
At age 50 success is . . having money.
At age 70 success is . . having a drivers license.
At age 75 success is . . having friends.
At age 80 success is . . not peeing in your pants.

Pass this on to someone who could use a laugh.

December 9, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Are you as cold as I am?

I am writing this from the Fort Wayne, Indiana airport. My flight this morning back to Minneapolis has been cancelled due to the freezing rain that has been falling here for the last 3 hours. I have been rescheduled onto a later flight today, and I am hoping it actually happens.

Last night I had the privilege of performing at Fellowship Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was invited by Bill Hickle to be the entertainment/speaker at their volunteer group leader's appreciation dinner.

I performed in a beautiful, multi-purpose room. A better name would be "theatre", or sanctuary/gymnasium. The stage was huge, the sound was top-notch and the lighting had about a billion options. It was state of the art.

I did about a 50-minute show, including my testimony. I was given a few names of folks to incorporate into the show, and every one of them did a fantastic job! I really enjoy getting the folks onstage, because it really makes the show what it is, and folks like to see people onstage, as long as "I don't have to be the one he picks". As for message, I didn't share anything "deep", simply because I'd be "preaching to the choir". Instead, my goal was to help each of them have a good time, and maybe even be inspired by the amazing ways that God can use each one of us to reach the unsaved, whether it is with juggling, as an accountant, a small group leader or a full time parent. God's purpose runs through every facet of life, no matter how big or small we might consider it

I also want to thank Tom and his wife for opening up their home at the last minute for me to stay in, as the time constraints on getting to the airport would have been tough if I would have stayed with my friend, Pastor Barry Jorris. Barry, I'll catch you next time you are in Mora. It was also great to talk with Tom about how proud he is of his son, willingly serving in the armed forces. Tom's a proud Dad, as all parents of military personal should be. Thanks to the freedoms that they've fought for over the years, I am able to freely write my thoughts here on the internet. Thanks to all military folk.

I also was able to attend the 8:15 service at Fellowship church, and I am amazed on many levels. The church is very active in their community, including the pastor (25 years in this church) whose focus is serving his commmunity through the resources that Fellowship has. I great service, with a great message, in a great group of believers.

Well folks, it's about time for me to head over to my gate. The rain is still falling, but I'm still hopin' and prayin' that we eventually get out of here. It's a nice place, but I don't want to "live" here...

I'll try and write again soon, but for now, let me wish you all a very Merry CHRISTmas. God has really blessed my family this year, and I pray that all of you will find the peace and opportunities that only God can offer us.

Thankful every day,


December 1, 2007

Am I an antique, or a flea?

Last night, at my program at Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church for the Higher Expectations Program, a friend that I hadn't seen for quite some time showed up: Jack Nordin! He's the magician/juggler/clown that actually invited me to go do my first ministry program with him, even before I knew what ministry was.

Anyhow, Jack brought his beautiful wife, Phyllis, along with some grand kids and their friends. After the program, Jack gave me this important piece of information: While traveling in Maryland, as well as in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Jack was going around in antique/flea market stores. Lo and behold, (imagine the sound of angels singing here) he found a copy of the DonB! video! That's right: my stuff has been circulated enough that it actually has started appearing in antique stores!

Life is a little more complete for me. I only wonder, am I an antique, or a "flea market" item? Hmmm

Stay safe in all the snow (if you are in Minnesota). Stay safe everywhere else too.


November 29, 2007

DonB! Partial Itinerary

These are some confirmed dates so far:

1/19 Central Bi-Products Christmas Party
1/25 Mannequin in Motion (MIM) Event
1/27-2/2 KLove Friends and Family Cruise
2/14 Groves Academy School shows
2/16 Trinity Lutheran - Minneapolsi
2/24 Cub Scout Pack 042 - Bloomington, MN
2/26 MIM Event - Mille Lacs, MN
2/27 Upward Event - Minooka, IL
2/29 Upward Event - Bloomer, WI
3/8 Upward EVent - Pace, FL
3/9 Pace Assembly - Pace FL
3/19 Bethel Church - Owatonna, MN
3/23 Good News Church - Mosinee, WI

A sure sign that you live in Minnesota.

Some sad news. Some joyous news.

For all of you in newsletter land that have read the last few postings of this online newsletter, I have some sad news.

Althea Kilber, after fighting 2 good fights with that creepy thing called "cancer", passed away last Sunday. The funeral service was yesterday (Wednesday) at Grace Church in Champlin, MN. It was a short, but very good service. It was very hard for my family to participate in the funeral. For me, as a pallbearer, I felt close to the Kilbers, even though I only saw them once a month or less. Bruce has been a friend in the magic community, and Althea was the world's best garage-saler. If there was a bargain in the Twin Cities in some one's sale, Althea would find it. It was also difficult for our family, because it really put in front of us the thought about, "What if we were losing our own Mom?" It really puts you in a compassionate mode, even barely knowing the grief that a family can face in times like this.

The good news is that Althea loved Christ, and devoted herself to sharing love with everyone she met. Whether it was with the kids at the daycare she worked at, or with adults at church, she showed what "love with skin on" looks like. She now gets to share her love, along with her big smile, with Christ himself, as she begins her own eternity in Heaven. How cool is that?!?

The Kilbers didn't seem to live a fancy life. They spent their summers camping as a family. They actually were given an award for having camped in ALL of the Minnesota state parks. That's a lot of camping, and a lot of family time. But family has always been their first priority. They went to magic conventions around the country as a family, and there are not too many wives and kids that would do that!

Please pray for the Kilbers, as they move into this new, and probably difficult phase of life.

At the Fun-raiser that I participated in, a family picture was taken of Bruce, Althea and the kids. Sadly, it was to be their last picture of all 4 of them. To see their family photo, please go the Caring Bridge site that Althea regularly posted at HERE

I leave you with this great 3 verse poem printed in her funeral bulletin:

God saw that she was getting tired
And a cure was not to be
So He put His arms around her
And He whispered, "Come with me."
With tearful eyes we watched her suffer
And slowly fade away
Although we loved her dearly,
We could not make her stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

November 22, 2007

Back online...after 2 weeks off.

Greetings everyone. It is so nice to be back online. My Internet connection was not working for almost 3 full weeks, but thanks to my 11-year-old son, Dale, playing with the ActiveX controls and the Add-Ons menu, it's working again. Yay!!

On 11/8, I did a Character-Building Show for the Title 1 Program at Trailview School in Mora. There were 65 kids and 75 adults in attendance. It was a great opportunity for our hometown school to get the word out about what Title 1 Enrichment is and how it can benefit the kids that really need it.

On 11/11, my illusionist friend, Toby Travis, asked me if I would help out at a show at the historic Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I met his crew there at 8:30AM, and helped load all of his equipment into the theatre. We (there were 7 of us) spent the next 5-1/2 hours setting up the show, including his very extensive lighting system. He did 2 shows, one at 3 PM and one at 7:30 PM. My parents came out to see the 3 PM show, and some other magicians from the Twin Cities came to the 7 PM show.

The shows were a lot of fun. Nick Sharpe, from here in Minnesota opened each show with his "Street Performing" character presenting card manipulations and finding a signed card in a lemon! It was great, as he was able to really warm up the audience and get them into "show mood". Toby carried the rest of the show by performing his illusions, as well as some smaller mind benders such as linking rings and a very cool dancing handkerchief routine.

I performed a 12-15 set in the 2nd half with my ring juggling, Headmover illusion, Bowling ball juggling and finished with the Unicycle Medley. The audiences were both great, and they set me up for some funny moments of improvisation. Thanks Toby.

What I learned while in St. Cloud is that these 2 shows were the last BIG illusions shows Toby will be doing for some years. With his main female assistants (his daughters) growing up and doing their own things, Toby has decided to pursue more of his overseas ministry work, utilizing mostly props and routines that can more easily fly to the locations. Please pray that direction from God will be clear for Toby and MAGI Ministries, and that many more doors will be opened to share the Gospel in the countries where he ministers.

On 11/16 and 11/17, I had the wonderful privilege of watching our daughter, Deanna, act and dance in the Mora High School musical, Hello Dolly, here in Mora. She was great, as was the entire show, including all of the choreography (done by my wife, Deb). Wow, what a talented family!!!

The FUN-raiser that I have previously mentioned for Althea Kilber took place on November 17th. There were games for kids, a bakery sale, hot dogs, cotton candy, pop, a HUGE silent auction and a variety show featuring many different magic talents from across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Norm Barnhart, the organizer of the show, asked me to be the closing act. Once again, thanks to the great acts that performed before me, the audience was roaring with laughter and having a good time. So my part was even easier. I finished with the unicycles, and my son, Dale, rode his unicycle off the edge of the stage (on purpose), and successfully bounced all the way back up the steps to the stage again. The audience loved it, and I am a very proud Papa.

And, I have to say, for all of you that were not able to make it to the event, Althea looked great! Even with cancer throughout her body, it obviously has not hurt her spirit. Her smile was an uplift to all in attendance. There were so many people there, it was wonderful. I don't know the exact amount the event raised, but it was around $5000.00. Very cool. Please continue to pray for the Kilber family as they continue the struggle with the uncomprehedible thing called cancer.

Tuesday, the 20th, I did my first human statue event for Mannequin in Motion. I was made up to look like a marble statue, and stood on a platform in the middle of the room at a party for the big $$$ contributors to the St. Cloud Hospital. Some big names were there, but the one we had the most fun with was "Aunt" Mable Coborn, the founder of Coborns grocery stores. Debbie was there as my "spotter", making sure no one messed around with the statue too much. Other than a cramp in my left leg, it was quite an experience.

Well, let me finish by reminding all of you to take some time today, and give thanks to God above for the many blessings He has brought into your lives. If I had to list all of mine, we'd be here for an eternity. Even in the hard times, remember to give thanks.

I'll leave you with this verse:

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you
in Christ Jesus.
-I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from DonB! and the whole Bursell family.


----that's my beautiful wife, Debbie

November 3, 2007

Last week was very busy

Starting on Thursday, Dale & I drove down to Grace Church in Roseville, MN, to attend a workshop by a friend, Steve Kissell. He talked about adding small things into your shows to make them more exciting, more fast-paced and more fun, especially for kids. It was great to see him again.

Then on Friday, I had the privilege of going back to Maple Grove Free Church for 2 shows during their Fall Frolic. It was the first time I had ever been in their new sanctuary, and what a beauty it is. I thought my first show, with "Homer", was going to be the best one, but with all of the people packed into the sanctuary for the 2nd one (the DonB! Variety Show) the house was rockin'! Everything was "on" during that show. All the jokes were funny, the kid volunteers were great, the energy level that I put out was 110%, and the message went really well. I even met up with some friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. I met Dale & Lynn Sorbel (7 years), Ingrid ??? (3 years, whom I used to work the State Fair at Dodge with) and Keith Newberry (25 years) and his family. These programs are becoming like little reunions for me. That's cool.

On Saturday, I walked stilts in Coon Rapids for an outdoor Halloween event for kids. My stilt friend, Dave Braddock, and I have been doing this event for 5 years now, and we already have it booked for next year too. Nothing so good as repeat business.

Then I drove down to Chanhassen, MN, where I set up the DonB! Variety Show again and performed for 500 kids and adults in the community center. As my show ended, I introduced Jonathan Bryce, a magician from Minnesota, that was trying to set a new world record by performing 24 escapes, in 24 hours in 24 different cities. He looked a little tired, but he managed to escape the chains that held him to a bed of nails. Weird, but exciting for him.

Sunday Dale & I drove up to Melrose, MN, and did an outreach program for St. Paul's Lutheran Church. They had games for the kids, treats for everyone and finished up the party with my show. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with about 275 community people in the show, and received some great feedback from the pastor afterwards.

Dale performed his newest unicycle trick: he free mounted his 4-foot giraffe without any assistance. Proud Papa moment. (If you'd like to see the first time he ever made the free mount, click HERE to watch it on

On Wednesday, I drove over to Port Edwards, WI, to do a community outreach event in the local shopping mall Christian Life Fellowship. Games lined the hallways of the mall, and the stage was set-up directly in line with the hallway. So, when I started my programs (I did 3 of them), the music started and everybody's head turned to see what was happening. They then came and filled the seats up. The chairs were almost all full for all three programs.

My thoughts: I've heard and read many things about churches getting/not getting involved with the Halloween "season". Of the six events that I did, 4 of them were put together by churches. What I saw was the opportunity for each of these churches to reach out and "get in touch" with community members, most of whom would probably not step foot into a church building for any other event. Were the guests happy with the church's events? Absolutely. Kids were smiling, adults were talking to each other, and there was nothing anti-Christian about any of the events. I simply see this as the church taking advantage of the "season" to make connections with the families in their neighborhoods. After all, it was the invite of 2 of my friends that got me into a church that I first heard the Gospel in a way that I could respond personally to. Should October be any different than May or December for outreach? Hmmm...

Christmas is obviously the best time to tie in our Christian messages with the season, but it's not the only one we can take advantage of. We're not promoting the dark side of Halloween. We also don't have to try and make Halloween into a Christian holiday, but we can use it to reach people, make connections and share the Gospel.

I have a difficult time believing Christ would shun us from doing that. I would love to hear your comments on the subject. Drop me an email at .

Now, let us look forward to Thanksgiving. There is plenty to celebrate there.


October 30, 2007

a little sad news...

In my last posting, I asked you to pray for baby Sophia, dealing with cancer.

I am very sad to report that Sophia passed away yesterday.

Please continue praying for the family.


October 22, 2007

November 17th Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17th from 1-3 PM.

I will be performing in a fundraiser event for a great family I've known for many years. Bruce Kilber is a magician I met when I joined one of the magic clubs in Minneapolis around 1986. We became friends over the years, including attending magic meetings and Fellowship of Christian Entertainer meetings together.

Althea & Bruce Kilber

Bruce is married to Althea Kilber, and she's our reason for the fundraiser. You see, Althea had cancer a few years back. Through chemotherapy and the prayers of many friends, she kicked it, and was diagnosed "cancer free". She remained cancer free until this year. Through regular check-ups, doctors discovered that the cancer was now back, and more wide spread than the first time. NOTE: I talked with Bruce last night (10/23/07), and was given some additional info. He told me that the cancer is in Althea's stomach lining, liver and her spine. Doctors have said there is no cure, and therefore it is terminal. Please pray extra hard for the Kilbers at this time.

Brant, Bruce, Althea and Britta Kilber

As many of you know, cancer treatment can be very expensive, not to mention the time dedication it takes from the rest of Althea's family. I have kept updated through Althea's online blog, and now it is time for me to step up and directly help in the battle.

On Saturday, November 17th, at Grace Fellowship of Champlin (Minnesota), there will be a large variety show (including my unicycling), as well as many baskets put together by the Kilber's friends and family. The baskets will all be themed (kids, gardening, magic, etc.) and will be auctioned in a silent auction just prior to the show. Tickets for the show/auction are not yet available, but stay tuned to see how you can get them, or how to contribute to the fundraiser.

If you are interested in assembling a basket/bucket/gift for the auction, please call me with any questions you have. My office phone: 320-679-0060

Until then, please pray for the Kilbers during this time of trial and patience. Pray for healing, for good doctors, the right medicines, and for the family as a whole. It is tough to keep some semblance of regularity when a medical crisis like this strikes in a family.

Bruce, Althea, Britta and Brant: YOU ROCK!!!

As I finished typing this, I received an email about another of our family member's relatives that has cancer. This time it is little baby Sophia. Please pray for her and her family also. Her site is HERE.
Cancer stinks. It makes no sense. What does it accomplish? Why?

October 8, 2007

Your shopping benefits DonB! Ministries?

If you order from or, please go to the bottom of this newsletter and click on the links you find there.

Anything you order through my links donates 4% of your purchases back to DonB! Ministries.

You can go shopping, and benefit DonB! Ministries at the same time.


New Promotional DVD in the works

Quite a few years back I asked a friend of mine, Paul Ryan, of PFR Productions, if he would use his video skills to help me put together a promotional video. Well, he filmed my show for me, and edited it all together into a great 7 minute promo-video. It doesn't seem that long ago, but produced it in VHS format (Do you remember video tapes?). And, since then, Paul has gone on to star on HGTV, the TV Guide Channel, The Learning Channel, Shop NBC as well as publishing his own book, Weekend Kitchen Makeovers.

As my stock of 50 tapes dwindled down to the last 2, I knew it was time to step into the present age, and get it all put onto DVD, along with other publicity materials. I called upon another friend in the video business, Greg Broder, of Broder's Media, now located in Minnesota. Greg has produced DVDs for the Discovery Channel and other big names that I can't recall right now. We are putting not only the promotional video footage onto this DVD, but also many publicity photos that can be used by churches and organizations that book my programs. It will be at least a month before it is ready, but I will let you all know when it is.

Stay tuned...

Time to slow down a bit.

When I looked at this newsletter, I was surprised to see that my last post was back on September 21st. Wow.

Since then I've done a few more Mannequin in Motion (MIM)events, including a show that was Asian themed. I played the mannequin-brought-to-life by a magician, played by my friend, Mia Barnhart. I then "discovered" the bowling ball and juggled it. For those of you that have seen my shows, you know what happens in that routine. The group that was involved as performers is shown below. LtoR: Me, Ron, Deanna, Debbie, Katie, Mia and (in front) Ruthie. A great group to work with.

On the 29th I did another event for MIM, playing the character I've seen before, but never imagined I would be playing it: Golden Boy, a completely gold statue. I played it for 4 hours at a large B'Nai event (a party for boy-girl Jewish twins). It was a fun event, but exhausting.

On October 3rd I did my first school event of the year in Chaska, MN. Even with only 60 kids in attendance, they were an excellent audience. With such a small group, we did a question/answer time afterward, and they asked some great questions. The developer of the event liked the show so much she has already scheduled me for two more. Very cool.

This weekend I went down to Northwestern College in Roseville, MN, for their Alumni Weekend and Homecoming celebration. On Saturday I strolled around for 3 hours doing juggling and close-up magic for folks attending the game and tailgating party. Then, on Saturday, I was to perform 10 minutes in the Sunday service. As it turned out, after my 10 minutes were done, I then followed all of the kids to another room, where I performed for another 25 minutes while the adults listened to a great testimony by Dallas Jenkins, producer and director of "Midnight Clear", a book and movie project that has won some pretty big awards around the country. Dallas is an alumni of Northwestern College, and co-founder of Jenkins Entertainment.

The kids were then sent back in to sit with their families, while Scott Krippayne did a mini-concert. Scott, along with his percussionist, Charley Petit, are both very friendly, down to earth guys. When talking to them, I felt as if I were talking to close friends, not "stars" with attitudes. And, after the event was over, Scott was nice enough to give me his latest CD, Autobiography, and autograph it for my daughter, Deanna (she's the one that introduced me Scott's music with his song, "I'm Not Cool"). Keep up the great work Scott. You Rock!

Now I get this week off from performing, except for the fun I have playing "Jessie Crankshaft" for our church's Wednesday Night Kid's Club. Jessie runs J.C. Salvage, using the many things found there to teach kids valuable life lessons, as well as (right now) the 10 Commandments and why they are still very important for all people. The kids already have the first 2 memorized and learned. This week, we add 2 more.
Do YOU know the 10 Commandments? Click HERE to see them.
By the way, look at the three photos above. It's as if we are triplets, separated by birth. Yeah? You decide.

September 21, 2007

You Never Know Where You Might Show Up

I received an email that I was listed on the Country Music Television website. So I went there to look. As it turns out, I am listed as "on tour" for a few dates because of the K-Love Friends and Family Music Cruise next January, out of Miami.

I'm in the same list as country greats such as Charley Pride, Emmylou Harris, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Donna the Buffalo (really). Click HERE.

I'm honored. Back to work now.


September 14, 2007

A short Phillipians 4 Message

Dear Newsletter readers,

Just today I found this short article about "worry". In my own life, when things get hectic, I have a tendency to worry. I am generally an "anxious" person also, mentally stewing about upcoming shows, ministry events, bills, family, etc. However, over the last two years, I feel a lot less anxious about things, even when they seem heaped on together. Maybe I'm older (and wiser?). Maybe other reasons. The good thing is that the less I worry, the closer I feel to God. And, it's the other way around. Checkout this article. I hope it inspires you too. -DonB!

Do You Worry? Consider The Garage Method

Author: Jim Elliff

A former professor of mine, now a successful author of Christian fiction, used to dismiss his anxieties by repeating this mantra: "Oh well. It doesn't eternally matter." For him six words conquered all ills. He slew his worries with a phrase, with a mere wag of his tongue. I'm not sure he was right about things not eternally mattering, but his blood pressure remained low and in many ways, he turned his worries into trust.

It is sort of an embarrassment now, but I must admit that years ago, when I was a teenager, I avidly read the arcane MAD Magazine. At the time it was the rage among those in my school. If it is like most forms of media, MAD is likely less pure now than it was then. At that time it was just—well, silly. Alfred E. Newman, the central figure in every magazine, was best known for this one phrase—"What? Me worry?"

Alfred E. Newman was nobody's model, but everybody's alter ego. Can we have a world without worry?

Here is what some people do with their worries:

They bury them. Many people stuff their worries deep inside only to have them resurface later in other forms such as physical problems related to stress or anger.

They pass them. Comedian Erma Bombeck once said, "I don't have stress, but I think I am a carrier."

They eat them (that is, they eat in order to forget them).

They drug them. Liquor and drugs are well-known methods for drowning worries.

Years ago I knew a man named Mr. Kidwell. He was a lovable man, a president of a bank, who had suffered a sun stoke and jerked as he walked. His pocket was always full of candy for the kids. On the subject of worry he had some expert advice. He said that he would go into his garage and tell God everything that he was concerned about and then jump through the door as fast as he could slamming it quickly behind him.

I think Mr. Kidwell had the best approach.

Dwight L. Moody, the evangelist of the 19th century preached a sermon on the beloved passage we all know but none of us live-Philippians 4: 6-7. Read the text first:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

His succinct outline went like this. Perhaps you'll remember it for your next big worry-fest:

Worry about nothing.
Pray about everything.
Thank God for anything.

I've not lived this verse very well either, but I do think about it often and meditate on it a great deal. When we refuse to worry, we are saying that God can handle this situation. To do otherwise is an insult to an all-powerful and loving God.

Worry destroys a lot in us. It mitigates against living faith, the only way we have to please God. It is a sin, plain and simple.

But, worry will probably show its head again the next time you are aggravated with an "issue."
In such times, don't forget the garage.

Distributed by

(Another great article about being bold in our faith, by musician Steve Camp, can be found HERE: -DonB!)

September 13, 2007

The 10 Commandments

These are posted here for the kids on Wednesday nights to find and copy. You are welcome to read them too.

1. You shall have no other gods before me.

2. You shall not have any graven images (idols)

3. You shall not take the Lord God's name in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

5. Honor your mother and father.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not bear false witness (lie).

10. Do not covet.

Did you get them all?

September 12, 2007

A Wonderful Busy September

Wow. Time flies. When you are having fun!

September 1st found me doing the "Dr. of Merriment" Show at Inspiration Point Camp in Western Minnesota. They had a great turnout of people, and I've already booked another show from it in Fergus Falls, MN. for 2008. My kids, Deanna and Dale, both performed their unicycles in the show too (Mom was in CA running a 1/2 marathon; GO MOM!) I look forward to going back there again in the future. I especially want to thank Tara for all of her work in getting me up to Inspiration Point. Thanks to Greg and Janet for their encouragement, and to Pete for running all of the sound for the show. You folks have a great thing going at Camp. See you again some time.

September 2nd I drove back up to Trout Lake Camp, for my ???10th??? time there. This time, the room was absolutely packed. Standing room only in the back. James Rock, the program director, requested I perform the spinning plates in the show, so I did. It worked, but not without 4 or 5 broken plates all over the stage. Dale, my son, tossed me the plates as I needed them, and together we managed to break a couple of more by not catching them. One plate even flew past Dale, off the stage and onto the hard floor. It SHATTERED! For the message, I tried out the newer 3-ball message that I built while in Alabama last month. I think that even though it is not "magical" in effect, it still tells the story of God, the fall of man, God's love for us, Christ's love for us, and the ability to have our sins forgiven and beginning living the life that God created each one of us for. If YOU have seen this message/routine, and have any comments on it (good or bad), please email me with them, or click on the COMMENTS word below to submit to me your thoughts.

James Rock, the program director at Trout Lake, is a real go-getter, with great ideas, and the wonderful ability to get things done in a fashion that is God-honoring, fun for campers, and makes everyone excited about God and Christ. To read an article James wrote, click HERE. I'm thankful that James has put his trust in my programs over the years and allowed me to be a part of family camps so many times. James, you ROCK!

September 6th had me over in Moundsview, MN, doing 6 shows for Pinewood Elementary's Reading Program kick-off event. The shows were really fun, but somehow I was put into the only room in the school without air conditioning. It was 95 degrees outside, and about 90 degrees inside. I survived just fine thanks to 4 fans that the school staff brought in. Thanks also to Julie Pidde and Principal Bill Book for working out the details for all 6 shows. It was great performing for and talking to your kids.

On the 7th, I did some meet and greet for the national Hummel Figurine Convention in Minneapolis. I also did a 20 minute show with some folks from the audience, including the Egg Bag, the Bowling Ball and the Toilet Paper Routine. It was fun. I was dressed as Rocco Fischetti, whom I had never really thought about. I always imagined it was some imaginary character that Metro Connections had made up. Well, at this event, a lady was there, WITH PICTURES OF THE REAL ROCCO FISCHETTI, an Italian-American mobster. It was almost surreal,standing there talking to a lady that was related to, and had pictures of, the character that I was playing. Really weird.

Gotta run. On my way to Ogema, Wisconsin for a show tonight.


September 10, 2007

Cirque Imaginings short video

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together a touring show of 9 performers from around the country? Well, Ben Christensen took many hours of video from the tour, including rehearsals, and put them onto 3 DVDs for each of the performers from the tour. You say you don't want to watch 3 DVDs?

Well Ben also just loaded a 10-minute short video onto for you all to see. I pop in and out of various places on the video, and you can also see my 14 year old daughter, Deanna, as the assistant in the "Zig-Zag" illusion.

Keep in mind as you watch it, that when you spend 12 days with 8 other crazy (and Christian)people, it begins to rub off on you. I especially like the very last 15 second clip of the video.

Enjoy the video by clicking HERE


September 8, 2007

A Funny Cartoon

I was given this cartoon, and thought many of you would get a laugh from it.

Permission to print this was granted, by the author, Dan Piraro, on 9/6/07. To view Dan's many other "off-center" comics, please visit his website: . Dan is definitely the guy with a tangent view of life. I really like his work.

August 31, 2007

Online Review of Cirque Imaginings Show

After returning home from a busy 12 day tour with Cirque Imaginings, writer/producer/clown friend Randy sent me this online review he found. It is only part of a much bigger newsletter, "The Clown Newsletter", put out by Toby Kid, from Iowa (the RED highlighted words refer to the acts I was involved with. -DonB!):

Item #2) Cirque Imaginings Show

On Tuesday 8/21, I [Toby Kid] took three of my four kids to a wonderful show. Here is what they thought of it.

Gertie age 6: My favorite part was when he rode the little bike and the little unicycle. My other favorite part was when the bad guy came out and made the fire. I really liked the part when they juggled, both balls and clubs.

Frodo age 13: I really like the part when the Clown got up on the really big unicycle. It was really cool when they juggled and they juggled together and took the balls from each other. I also liked the when the clown did the Diablo. The cowboy was really talented, when he used the ropes and jumped through them and stuff.

Smudgie age 8: My favorite part was when Emily asked about all the games and then uncle said everything about the playground being a playstation and when they juggled and took the ball away from each other and when the uncle climbed on the chairs and juggled the clubs it was awesome. I liked the part of the evil magic because I liked the sword trick and I liked the one where the uncle gets straps up the bad guy goes around and the uncle ends up closing the curtain and then he opens it and then he closes it up again and talks to Emily. I probably liked the silver stretch bag because I get to use the stretch bag on my clown character.
I also liked the part where he rides around on the big unicycle and the small unicycle and the small bike.

And another review from another audience member

Cirque Imaginings Review
By Vicky “Trixy” Garrett

It was 5:50, on the 21st of August, in D.M., IA, as I pulled into the parking lot of First Assembly of God Church. I wanted to get to “Cirque Imaginings” early to get a good seat. It was to start at 7:00. I needn’t have worried—the parking lot was pretty empty except for the bigger than life traveling bus for the entertainers, there to do their last on-the-road performance out of five.
I slipped into the sanctuary where some last-minute rehearsing was going on—that’s the kind of things we clowns love to see. Don Bursell (a former Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Baily circus clown and Disneyland performer from Mora, MN)and Ben Christensen (a college student in Minneapolis, MN who has been juggling since he was five—see his amazing resume and talent at were rehearsing their dual –juggling scene. I could have watched that all night by itself! Those two are soooo talented! As I marched myself right down to the third row center, one of them (that would be me) yelled out, “Oh good you’re here—now we can start the show!” (They didn’t know me from beans.)

Randy Christensen, from Willmer, MN, who wrote and produced the show, was looking very comfortable and not at all like he was going to be putting on a show in an hour. (It was he, whom I mainly came to see, as I’ve been in one of his classes and knew what a talented, wonderful pastor and performer he was.) “Uh, oh,” he mused, “I don’t have my contacts.” Plans were then made for someone to go get them for him in his motel room. The local pastor then came in and advised me and now some other clown friends, that we needed to wait out in the commons area as they were ready to do a sound check.

But about 10-15 minutes later, here comes Randy Christensen out to greet us (what a nice man) and talk a bit about how the show came about. He said he’d met each of these other nine participants at various conferences around the states and when he decided on this year’s production, he drew on his notes and memory of people he’d met and pulled them all together, including fourth grader Emily Chermak, from Willmar, Minnesota, who was the lead in this year’s production about a girl visiting her grandfather (R. Christensen). After discovering there were no Nintendos, Wiis, or any other electronic equipment around, her grandfather showed her some books to read, but warned her not to read the dark and sinister book. She complied in the beginning, and all that she read came to life in the other characters who rode unicycles, walked around taller than houses (we were on stilts), and some who came in the form of bags with inside appendages stretching the bags here and there and dancing around. Darren & Heather Stevenson (mimes from Rochester, NY who also did much of the choreography for Cirque Imaginings) were great at miming and Don Bursell’s rodeo roping and skipping in and out of the large rope circle he was twirling was a treat to see! Ben Christianson turned his saxophone into a wonderful prop that furnished us with lovely music and magically fit right into the scene at the same time. At one point Randy’s character climbed chairs and piled them one on top of the other up to an extremely scary height where he finally posed on top of them.

Greg Phillips (an associate pastor in Melbourne, FL, a regular performer at Wacky World in Orlando, and has been on Comedy Central and opened for Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld and Gallagher) was mesmerizing with his black costumed magic when Emily dared open the black sinister book. Characters and creatures were coming out of no-where to add to the scene. The show ended with Grandfather talking with his granddaughter about heeding his paternal advice in the future regarding staying away from bad things and showed her the book that would always lead her in the right direction—God’s book. She then treated us to a lovely solo about the “good book.” It was a wonderful show put on for a ch urch full of children and some adults (a number of clowns incognito) sprinkled throughout who were all extremely glad they came!

To read the article in its original format, click HERE

It's nice to see someone saying nice things about the show, and also about the performance bits I do. In a world where compliments are few, I'm glad they appreciated my little part in making the show so memorable for them.

Have a great day. - DonB!

August 28, 2007

August = Very Busy!

It seems like only yesterday that I posted my last update to this newsletter. Then I realized it was way back on August 4th! Life goes by too fast sometimes.

August 5th found me doing a morning program for New Life Church in Woodbury, Minnesota. They were a great group of attentive kids, and with the group being fairly small (about 80 people), I was thankful to be able to talk with them one-to-one following the show.

I left that evening to head to northern Minnesota to help teach circus skills with Cirque du Jour at Kamp Kace, where kids and families that have been affected by cancer had the entire week to learn circus skills, and then put on a show (and it was FABULOUS) at the end of the week for their families. Watching the campers, ranging in age from 6-17, perform at the end of the week, was like being a proud parent, as if it were my own kids putting on the show. Thanks go to Chris Allison for inviting me to help teach for the week. Chris, whom I haven't seen in over 15 years, was my first roommate at Ringling Brothers Clown College way back in 1984. It was great seeing him again, and working in such a successful circus arts program.

I then rushed back home to get my stilts, and headed to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to walk my stilts for Starkey Labs' BIG anniversary party. It was a very hot day, but a lot of fun juggling and doing close-up magic for the employees and their families.

The next day (Sunday), my daughter, Deanna, and I headed over to Willmar, Minnesota, to begin rehearsals for the Cirque Imaginings (CI) tour. Cirque Imaginings is a show that I helped put together back in 2002, and it has taken 5 years to compile the performers for another tour. Randy Christensen wrote the entire show, about a young girl that spends time visiting her old uncle Oxford. Through the exploration of Oxford's many library books, Emily learns to use her imagination. She also learns how the choices she makes can affect her for the good, or the bad. The show featured Randy Christensen (Oxford P. Nutts, juggler, skateboarder, chair balancer, stilt-walker, mime, writer, director), Greg Philips (good magician, bad magician, message-giver), Darren & Heather Stevenson (sound tech, dancer, mime, choreographer), Ben Christensen (juggler, Chinese Yo-Yo-ist), Emily Chermak (lead part, loud laugher), Micah Philips (stage manager, runner, equipment loader), Deanna Bursell (Zig-Zag girl, dancing bag, giggler), Les Chermak (coach driver, workaholic), and me.

We toured Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa (To see a good description of the show, click HERE). It was a very exhausting tour, but worth every minute of time spent with other performers, meeting people after the shows, and hearing the audience respond to the message (I had to listen from backstage) each night. Thanks to all of the folks that made the tour financially possible, and for the churches that hosted the show. It was another BIG success. I only hope we don't have to wait another 5 years to do it again.

When I returned home from the Cirque Imaginings tour, I had a day to get my stuff together, and head to the Twin Cities. I did my first live mannequin gig, on August 24th, at the Minnesota State Fair, for Mannequin in Motion. It was strange how fascinated people are with a person that stands completely still. At least 30 times a minute, I could hear people saying "how does he not blink?!?", or "that is so strange!" A FUNNY STORY: The couple that lives across the street from us in Mora (80 miles from the Fair) were talking to me the next day, and mentioned he saw a "genii robot-guy" at the fair. When I told him that it was me, he ran into his house to tell his wife the strange news. Neither of them even knew it was me behind the costume and make-up. One of my daughter's friends walked right up to me, stared at me for a minute, said, "That's weird!", and walked away. She never even knew it was me. Now THAT'S weird.

Later that night, Deanna & I both were mannequins for an event for Arthur Murray dance studios customer appreciation event. I came to life occasionally and juggled, and Deanna came to life occasionally to do some ribbon dancing. Again, it was a fun way to use my entertainment skills, in a whole new way: standing still for a long time. I never thought I could do it.

On Saturday afternoon, I went back to Calvary Community Church (for the 8th time) and presented my DonB! Variety Show for their community outreach event. Their sanctuary was packed with community people, and I presented my spinning plates routine for the finale, and broke more plates than I ever have in a long time. It's the breaking of the plates that makes the routine so much fun, for me AND for the audience.

I then headed back down to the State Fair for two more hours of mannequin work. The genii I played was a little more interactive this time, performing magic tricks with the tips dropped at my feet. To see more photos, click HERE.

I then packed my show up and headed back to Trout Lake Camp for a show for their family camp. It is the 14th or 15th time I have performed there. James Rock, the program director, requested that I do the spinning plates finale, so I did. I think I only broke about 4 or 5 plates.

Please pray that the rest of this year can be busy, profitable, and offer some good times of ministry through whatever events come our way. May God bless you as much as he has me and my family. Drop me a line anytime at


A Great Unicycle Game

After searching for years to find a "good, playable" online unicycle game, my friends at have come up with one. It is named

Downhill Challenge.

It's easy to learn, easy to play, and it actually is FUN (I made it to Level 4 my first try). Go ahead, play it. Then go to and order your own unicycle. Then try the same tricks that you played in the game. I triple-dog-dare ya.
Click on the picture to play the game.

August 4, 2007

DonB! in Georgia & Alabama

I only have about an hour to compile all of this stuff, so I'll have to keep it short. Here goes...
On July 19th I left to start driving to Georgia to teach and perform at the TNT Christian Clown Retreat. I performed on Wednesday night, and taught 3 or 4 classes throughout the week.

I had the privilege of meeting up with some clown friends from around the country, as well as many folks that I now consider my clown friends, whom I had never met before.
I took many pictures from my vantage point, so you should go and see if you can find yourself. To see the entire album of photos from the trip, click HERE.

After camp, I stayed 2 days in Montgomery, Alabama, and took a couple of trips to Hobby Lobby (why don't we have one of these in the Twin Cities?). While at Hobby Lobby, I ended up showing a family at the other check-out counter a magic trick. As it turned out, when I headed down to Selma, Alabama (about 40 miles away), that same family goes to the church that I was to perform in! It's a small world isn't it?
In Selma, I presented two programs for their family VBS-type event. The first night was the "DonB! Variety Show" with a basic message, and the second night was the "Dr. of Merriment Show" with an evangelistic message. It was two great nights of fun and messages. I've already been invited back for next year!

While in Selma, I wanted to learn the history of the town, so a young man from Selma named Robert, took me around and showed me all of the Selma historical sites. Selma is the historic site of the mass demonstrations of African-Americans trying to achieve the right to vote in 1965. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led protesters across the Edmund Pettus bridge, where they were attacked and beaten by police officers, and caused to turn back and flee over the bridge. This event led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, giving all Selma, and then all people across the United States the right to vote, regardless of race. Selma is a city full of history, and I found it very fascinating to see the sites I had only read about in history books.

As I headed back to Minnesota, I received a phone call from my wife, Debbie, asking me if I had heard the tragic news. As all of you know by now, a main interstate bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, leaving at least 5 dead, 79 injured, and many still missing in the river. Pray for all of the people of Minnesota, that we can use this as a time to draw close as a state, and that the families of those missing or dead will be comforted in this time of tragedy. It is almost surreal when this happens so close to home.

Well, I leave tomorrow to do a show in Woodbury, MN, and then up to northern Minnesota for 5 days to teach at a circus camp. I will return to my office (if only for 2 days) on the afternoon of the 11th, and then 12 days touring with the Cirque Imaginings tour in the Midwest.
I will talk to you all when it starts to settle down around here.

Take care, and may God bless you as much as He has my family & me.


July 17, 2007

Round, round, get around, I get around...

On July 14th, my friend, Randy Christensen, invited me to perform at Sonshine MusicFest in Willmar, MN. On the bill were Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac and about 30 other bands.

Over in the Kid's Tent, Randy did a few shows, his son, Ben did a few shows, and I did one show. But it was great. I met up with some other Christian friends that I haven't seen in years, as well as met a few more that live close to Mora.

Here's a few photos:

Ring Juggling...and on a unicycle!

A view inside the tent

During the message

What a crowd!

Kelly, Corey, Kaisha, Shane, Ben, Don, Karen, Randy
(not pictured, Brooke)

Don with Curious George

July 15, 2007

Some photos from California

Back in June, while I was in California, Nicole & Romulus Portwood took a lot of photos from my show on June 12th. Here are a few of my favorites:

5 Rings

The Egg - - - - - - - -Jonah inside the whale

Timmy...going wild! - - - - - - ball juggling
Before Jenny Craig....and after Jenny Craig
Going right up to the edge of the stage
If anyone reading this newsletter has any fun pictures from one of my shows, I'd love to see it/them. Drop me an email at
Take care, DonB!

July 13, 2007

DonB! describes the last KLove Cruise

I was online today, and found that my comments describing the cruise last January are posted for all to see. Click HERE to see them with the posted picture in their original place (scan down towards the bottom of the page), or look below to read just the comments without the pictures.

The Comments

“This was our first cruise, either as a performer or a guest, and nothing disappointed us at all! It is the first real vacation I've had with my wife in 13 years. It was great.

‘That's a BIG ship!’, a window room, hanging out with Bibleman and his family, wonderful hospitality hosts, Newsong in concert, lobster AND shrimp (in the same meal!), melted ice cream as an appetizer, escargot (ick), dinners with Bibleman and his family, getting lost 3 or 4 times on the ship each day, snorkeling on the coral reef, SONICFLOOd (how does the drummer NOT get a headache?), meeting Rick Heil at dinner, 24-hour ice cream, spending time with Bibleman, Carnival cameras everywhere, juggling at the autograph session, the amazing service of all the ship's staff, standing at the front of the ship on Windy Thursday and being blown across the deck, the great families that brought their kids (we'll bring ours next time too), food everywhere, towel animals each day, riding the unicycles on a swaying ship, John Glenn's space capsule, the ice dragon, dinner with David Dean, running around the ship with Bibleman, and being surrounded by so many great Christians!!! What a blast!!!” – Don B!

Maybe you can join us on a Christian cruise in the future. Click HERE to go see the other upcoming Christian cruises that I'll be on.

Take care. -DonB!

July 12, 2007

I Love a Parade

Back on June 23rd, our family rode unicycles in our first parade since we all learned to ride.

In the picture, you see Logan Arend (a friend from our church) riding his unicycle and pushing some handlebars, Dale riding his trials unicycle (made for bouncing and hopping), Debbie on her Miyata, me on my 6-footer and Deanna on her brand new unicycle.

We are one of the few families that ALL members ride unicycles. I know of others that MOST members ride, but not all of them. Believe it...or not!

Segue into other things

On June 26th, I walked my stilts at Nicollet Island in Minneapolis for a corporate party for General Mills employees. One of the other "displays" they had there were Segways, 2-wheeled personal transportation vehicles. I so badly wanted to try one with my stilts on, but they politely declined my offer by saying that "their insurance wouldn't cover someone on stilts". Whatever. Do YOU see anything wrong with that picture?!?

I then went over to Grindstone Lake Bible Camp in Sandstone, MN. It was a group of about 150 people, and the part that made me the most nervous was that 1/2 of the audience was made up of teens. They did great, I did great, and we all lived happily ever after.

The next day, my daughter, Deanna, and I attended a workshop for Mannequin in Motion/Osprey Productions. Both Deanna & I already have our first bookings as "human Mannequins". It looks like I will be at the MN State Fair, and Deanna will be a human flower for a trade show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Stay tuned for more developments with Mannequin in Motion as the year goes on. I wonder how long I can actually stand still without falling asleep. Hmm...

On July 3rd, I returned to one of my favorite places to perform, Camp Lebanon, in Upsala, Minnesota. Way back in 1989, when Debbie & I started utilizing our shows in ministry work, Camp Lebanon, and its director, Bill Abeler, gave us the opportunity to do our various shows at the camp. Well, 18 years later, I think I have performed at Camp Lebanon more than any other place. I believe I am somewhere around 40 shows for them! 40 shows, and "Bobber Bill" has seen them all! Strange thing is: he still laughs at the show.

If your family is looking for a quiet place to spend some time, be sure to look into Camp Lebanon. Tell them DonB! sent you.

Last weekend I flew to Salisbury, North Carolina, to perform and share the Gospel for the opening night of Vacation Bible School for Calvary Baptist Church. Misty Sells, the director of VBS, found my name while searching the Internet. She called, we talked, and then booked the event.

Kirby Sells picked me up at the airport, and drove me all over the place while I was there. The program went really well. I presented the Gospel for the approximately 220 people in attendance, many from the neighborhood. I wasn't asked to do an invitation, but the teachers are doing one each night in their classroom time. Kids really are the way to get new people into church. Calvary is doing it the right way.

The day I was to leave, the pastor, Dr. Rick Cockerham took me to the famous North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. It has the largest roundhouse in the world: 37 stalls. It was a treat to see some of the local sites other than just the airport. Thanks Pastor Rick.

I flew back to Minnesota on July 9th, my 19th wedding anniversary! Take a look at that wedding photo from 1988. Look how much hair I had! Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...

Last, if you live in the East Central part of Minnesota, and Curious George (the monkey) is coming to your library, please stop and say "hi" to him. You see, he's being played by someone very close to me, someone that has been married the exact same amount of time I've been. Here's a hint: look at the photo to the right. Curious George is on the left. What a beauty.

June 26, 2007

DonB! is all over the place!

Well, it's been a while since adding info to this blog, so here's what's been happening:

Woodcrest Church
On June 3rd, I presented two programs at Woodcrest Church in Eagan. It was my second time there, and once again, the programs went really well. I even met a couple that were on the cruise last May to Jamaica. What a small world we live in.

Plate Spinning
On the 9th, I went downtown Minneapolis, to the 12th floor of Macy's department store, and spun some plates. I was told it "was a big stage". When I arrived, it WAS big, but only from side to side. The depth, from front to back was only 4'. And, the front row of people, including the man that threw the party, was seated about 24" in front of me.

Usually when I do the spinning plates, I ask for a "buffer zone" of at least 12' from me to the front row of audience members (I don't want anyone getting broken plate in their forehead). In this case, I was given only 4', by moving the head table back 2 more feet. It was a good thing too, as one plate fell and landed on the bench in front of the stage.

The event was a party for about 200 people, and the party was Old Vaudeville themed. Hence, you'll see the picture of me with "Ed Sullivan", brought all the way in from Las Vegas.

I want to thank Loren Daniels, from Mannequin in Motion for inviting me, and Carol, at Moore Creative Talent for thinking of me for this event. It was fun!

California here I come...
On June 11th I flew out to Sacramento, California, for 3 shows. The first two were for Sunset Christian Center's 10th Year Anniversary of camps at Sky Mountain Christian Camp (about 2 hours away). It seems that of the performers they've utilized over the last 10 years, I was voted as one of their favorites. So, I was invited back for this event. Both shows went very well, and I met some great kids and staff while there. Because of the limited space at camp, I slept on the top bunk with some of the staff in a warm, tiny cabin. Some of us snored at night, some talked in their sleep, and someone rolled over and grabbed my leg during the night and made me jump. I didn't get a lot of sleep, but the camp experience was great. Plus, it is one of the most beautiful camps I have ever been to in my entire life. Miles back in the woods, on a steep hill, with a crystal clear (and cold) lake, it was very majestic and awe inspiring.

I want to thank Pastor Sean for the invite, Rob T for the initial contact, and Continental Airlines for not losing my luggage.

I forgot to mention something: This was the first time I have ever flown to a show on an airplane, complete with all of the unicycles. It was an experience, and I loved it.

I rode the Amtrak
After driving back to Sacramento, I then took the Amtrak to Hayward, Ca. On the ride, I looked out the window, and there in the distance stood about 6 huge battleships (see photo). I guess the Coast Guard uses them for training. Interesting.

On the 12th of June, I did a program for Creekside Community Church, the home church of one of my best circus friends, Nicole Portwood. Nicole, along with her gracious husband Rom, and their two kids Tim and Elizabeth, let me stay with them for two days and run around Castro Valley eating In & Out Burgers and ice cream (after all, June 12th was my birthday).

While there, I had the opportunity to go see Nicole do a library show. It was neat to see another 1984 Clown College graduate still performing after almost 20 years of lost contact.

I then flew back to Minnesota, arriving around midnight. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep on this trip, but I don't mind a bit. It was great times of ministry, great times of visiting friends, 2 smooth air flights, a train ride through northern California, a HUGE ice cream sundae on my birthday, and In & Our burgers "animal style" (with everything on it).
We all rode in a parade...
On the 23rd of June, our entire family rode unicycles in the Rogers, Minnesota, parade. Logan, a friend of ours from church also rode with us. We had a great time. As soon as I have the pictures from the parade, I will post them here.

I haven't been in this place since I was 4 years old
Then, that evening I did strolling entertainment for 6 hours at the Minneapolis Depot. It was a surprise birthday party for the owner, and 240 of his friends. It was State Fair themed, so I thought up the brilliant idea of trying to juggle while riding a mechanical bull. From the 3 pictures below, you can see that at first I did fine, but as the bull started spinning and bucking faster and faster, it became so difficult that I eventually just tipped over and fell off.

Back to Rogers, MN

On the 24th, I did a show for High Point Church (they are the reason we rode in the parade). It was an opportunity to share the Gospel with church members and anyone else that showed up after receiving a flyer from the parade. I know some community people showed up, because they told me so afterward. That's the goal of DonB! Ministries: get people into church to hear the Gospel.

That's it for now. But after looking at my calendar, I will have plenty to write about every week through September.

Stay tuned...