January 29, 2010

It's Such Great Frosting

James 4:14

Last week, at Camp Lebanon in Minnesota, I did two shows, both of which were very high energy, and the audience is what I would call a "perfect" one. Kids and adults, all laughing REALLY hard. Feeding off of the frenzy, I used my absolute best improvisational skills to add lines here and there, try out funny moves, etc. Both shows were "perfect" shows for me.

Right after the 2nd show, while packing my sound equipment up in the sound booth, the 2 guys up there asked me the question I get quite often: "We were trying to figure it out: Do you mind us asking how old you are?"

I said I would tell them, but only if they tell me how old they THINK I am, along with any interesting reasons why they came up with that guess.

He answered simply, "By watching you and listening to you, you've had so many amazing experiences already in your life, it forces me to guess that you must be at least 50. Maybe even 55?"

I loved his reasoning, and told him that I was 44.

Later when I thought about it, I realized that he was indeed correct.

My time spent with circus travels, 3 years at Disneyland, 2 years of school tour performing that took Deb & I through 42 of the United States, and working cruise ships alongside many HUGE names in the music industry. I've flown on a flying trapeze, walked a tight wire 30 feet off the ground and rode my unicycle in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. I became a Christian in 1985 and have shared the Gospel in at least 5000 shows since then. I've been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Ukraine, India, England, Germany and Amsterdam.

I actually have more friends OUTSIDE of Minnesota than I do INSIDE my home state. And the "inside" group is pretty big.

All of this before my 40th birthday!

I remember commenting to my wife, when I was about 40, that I felt that I had done so much in my life already, that if I were to die tomorrow, I could do so very happy. Very "complete" and very fulfilled. I remember also saying that "everything from here on out is really just frosting on the cake."

Well I have to admit, the frosting is really, really good. Here are some things I've done since turning 40:

More cruise ships, huge music festivals, multiple tours with other performers, including the "Sens de Vie" Shows twice and the L.O.L. tour with my 2 buddies, Randy & Ben Christensen. I've spoken and performed at national conferences, as well as taught on Wednesday nights to the 1st-4th graders at my home church.

I have taught myself how to use PhotoShop and InDesign (two HUGE computer programs). I continue to add new routines to my shows. I still read at least 30-60 minutes every day from books in my library (origami boxes, circus history, magic history, magic tricks and routines, Christian topics, the Bible, promotional materials, graphic arts, old movies).

I've watched our 2 kids grow up way too fast (something I wish WOULD slow down). Point: Our little curly-haired Deanna, goes to test for her driver's license on Monday. Wait a minute: little kids are not supposed to drive!!!

I remember, as I was growing up, always looking for that one experience that would make my life "complete,", or convince me that I had "made it". I realize now that it was ALL of those little details that have made my life complete. Not just one of those things. All of them together.

It's pretty incredible that the "cake" that made up the first 40 years of my life was so amazing, but I have to say, the frosting is even better. I get to enjoy it for the next 40+ years, and I can only imagine what is still in store. What will I have with my frosting?

Something to think about: What are you doing? Where are you at? Are you still mixing ingredients? Are you enjoying the cake? Are you savoring the great frosting?

Because it really is GREAT FROSTING!


Matthew 6: 19-21


January 26, 2010

New artwork for DonB!

I have been experimenting with some new artwork to be used within DonB! Ministries, and here is one of the first trials:

The plan is to have pictures available after each program. Kids, and adults, can take them, color them, cut them up, and do any artistic treatment to it. They can them send it to me in the mail or over the internet, and I will draw from the returned ones, awarding some free DVDs or DonB! t-shirts to the winners.

The unicycle one is next, followed by the juggling one, and then a plate-spinning one. However, each one can take up to 4 hours to complete, so it may be a while between the completion of each one.

Alright, copy this to your computer, and color it. Send it to me. The 5th one I get back will get one of my DonB! T-Shirts as well as my new "illusions!" magic DVD.


UPDATE (1-26-2010): Here is the next one, and please, no Herman Munster jokes.

January 5, 2010

New Sens de Vie video is Online

After selling out the entire tour in the Fall of 2009, we are doing it again in 2010: We are touring with the "Sens de Vie" show across the United States.

The new video has been posted, and you can see it HERE.

Enjoy the video, and then entertain the idea of having "Sens de Vie" perform in YOUR CITY.