February 16, 2011

One hobby of mine

What do I do on some days without shows?  I experiment.  On what you ask?  Well, here are some of the projects that I have been playing around with:

I have been experimenting with various knot tying projects lately, and wanted to post just a few of them here.

Finger rings have been another experiment
Turk's Head Finger Ring
2-Color Turk's Head Ring, Single Strand Ring

 Keychains are another

2-Color Cobra Weave Keychain
1-Color Cobra Weave Keychain 
Necklaces of various designs
24 Facet Globe Knot Necklace

40 Facet tri-color Globe Knot over a single Dice

As well as ceiling fan chain pulls

176 Facet Ceiling Fan Pull

44 facet ceiling fan pull

Any other knottyers out there?


February 12, 2011

DonB! just back from K-Love Cruise 2011

Just today I found a clip of one of my performances on the K-Love Friends & Family Cruise 2011.

You can see the clip HERE or go to the K-Love Blog and scroll down to the 6th video highlight from the cruise HERE.

I will write more about the cruise, but for now, let me simply say that it was another amazing time with hundreds of friends and family.

Maybe you want to sign up for the 2012 cruise?  Go HERE and look forward to an incredibly great time in 2012.