June 10, 2009

Summer is here!

After school was out, and after we attended 8-10 graduation parties, Summer has arrived.

I leave tomorrow for Rockford, Illinois, to perform at the National Junior Bible Quiz Finals.

I then drive over to Nashville for 4 days to do some rehearsals for the October "Sens de Vie" shows that are booking onto the calendar.  So far, Ohio, North Carolina and Alabama have confirmed bookings, and there are a lot more inquiries coming in every day.  The show will look a little different this Fall than it did in the Spring.  Two of the biggest illusions are gone, and replaced by some one-of-a-kind things that very few shows have ever done.  I can't say much, but I have a unique part in the show, performing a routine that I have only performed 3 other times in my life.  I can't wait to tell you...

When I return from Nashville I will have one day off, then right into 8 days of shows, including 4 of those days in Issaquah, Washington.  An early morning flight there, and a middle of the night red-eye flight back to Minnesota in order to get back in time for my 2 shows on the 25th here in Minnesota.  I love being busy, especially when so many other people are out of work at this time.

See you all again really soon...