May 22, 2009

New DonB! Ministries website is up

It's here!!!

Take a look at it!!!

The new DonB! Ministries website is up and running.

Albert Kiteck helped put the site together, including the FLASH animation on the home page.  I'm really happy with the site, especially that I am able to make changes to many of the pages on my own, including calendar dates, comments from churches, and pictures on the MEDIA page.

Check it out, send your friends to view it, and contact Albert for your next website.


The L.O.L. Tour

Don        -        Ben        -        Randy

L.O.L. = Laugh Out Loud

My good friend, Pastor Randy Christensen, puts together a group of performers just about every year, and does a 7-10 day tour with the show.

This year, Randy, along with his son, Ben, came up with the "Laugh Out Loud" concept and decided that it described the elements of the individual shows that all three of us do.  Hence, the L.O.L. Tour was begun.

Our first show was in Brainerd, Minnesota, as a "FUN-raiser" for the Youth for Christ group in Brainerd.

We rehearsed 3 or 4 times over the last year, deciding which segments of our own individual shows should be included, as well as what new ideas we could work on as a group and incorporate into the show.

Ben Christensen, a student at North Central University, now performs throughout the Summer, and can juggle the diabolo amazingly. He did some of his hat & cane juggling, a newer tennis ball routine as well as his diabolo routine that boggles my eyes just to watch.

Randy, who can do just about anything performance related, did a couple of mime pieces, including his full William Tell routine (very creative) with an audience volunteer, and a fun ventriloquism act.

I did my favorite rope routine (the one people ask about after almost every show), the newer bowling ball act, and my unicycles.

For the finale, we revised the full 12 minute kitchen scene from the "Cirque Imaginings" show we toured with 2 years ago.  We expanded the club juggling portion, and finished with Randy's tension building 6-high chair stacking bit (scares me every time).

The show ended with a standing ovation from the audience, so they really liked it.

In August, we will be touring around Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois for two weeks with the show.  As soon as I have specific dates and locations, I will post them on my website (

If you or your church is interested in booking the LOL Show, go HERE and submit your information to Randy.  He can contact you with the details.

See you on the road...


May 11, 2009

Music Boat 2009 - Summary

From what I've told you about this cruise, you may ask how in the world did I get to be a part of this.  Well, I ask myself that same question every single day.

Initially I was invited by Robert T., the guy that is famous for all of the BibleMan videos.  Thanks to the Premier people, I have now been privileged to take part in 6 of their cruises over the last 3 years.

At our dinner table each night were some great people, including Kurt Heinecke and his 2 boys (Kurt writes most of the music for Veggie Tales productions)and Jason McLeod, star of "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof".  Needless to say, we had a blast at dinner each night.

Finally, when heading back to my room after my show in the Atrium, a guy from Altered (Memphis Jones) said that he "heard that I rocked!"  I asked him, "Who told you that?!?!"  Two doors down the hallway, a young man poked his head out and answered, "I did!"  It was Altered's bass player, Mike Stoker. You guys rock, too!

Whether I rocked or not, everyone we talked with and performed for really enjoyed their time on the Music Boat cruise.  They also gave us some great comments about the shows and close-up magic Bruce & I performed throughout the entire cruise.

To see many more pictures from the cruise, click HERE.

God is good, all the time.


Music Boat 2009 - Saturday

This was to be our last day in Florida, so we decided to do a few touristy things.  We hit 2 flea markets, looking for bargains, and then headed up to Daytona Beach for some sun and swimming.

The weather on this entire trip was beautiful, and this day was no exception.  The waves were crashing at about 4 feet, and we jumped and played for 4 hours.

We then met one of my best friends, Kevin, and his son, Joseph, for a 36-hole game of miniature golf.  No matter how hard we tried, Kevin beat us pretty badly.  It sure was great to see him again after a year apart.  I just wish his wife and daughter could have come also, but too much work for school to be done.  Oh well, next time then.

To finish off our trip, we boarded the plane at 7 AM on Sunday, and were back in Minnesota by 11 in the morning.

Home sweet home.

Music Boat 2009 - Friday

We made port at 8 AM back in Port Canaveral, Florida, but our day was only beginning.

Bruce had met a family, that had met a lady, Jennifer, that worked at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  When she found out that it was Bruce's birthday on Friday, she met us at Disney's Hollywood Studios and signed us in for a free day of fun and playing.

We rode the new Toy Story Mania interactive ride, as well as the Rockin' Rollercoaster 5 times, and even the Tower of Terror 5 times.  By 7 PM when the park closed, we were exhausted, and returned to our hotel near the airport for a good night's rest.

Music Boat 2009 - Thursday

Thursday turned out to be our busiest day on the cruise this year.

At 9:30 AM, Bruce and I headed over to the two dining areas where the autograph sessions were to take place.  There were people in line already, so we got right to work performing for all of the families waiting in the lines.  I performed until 11AM, and then headed to the Atrium Stage for my sound check.  After completing that, Bruce & I brought all of my equipment over from the main Premier Theatre that I performed in the night before.

Entertaining for the autograph lines

"Take a card..."

We grabbed a bite to eat (there were 8 places to eat on this ship!), and at 1 PM I did my own show on the Centrum Stage.  It is an interesting set-up, in that I was completely surrounded by people, including 2 glass elevators behind me.  It was funny watching Larry the Cucumber, from Veggie Tales, squeeze out of the glass elevator just prior to my show.

The Centrum stage, with glass elevators in the background.

Starting my show

My favorite, the Egg Bag.

The show went great, and I had many people talk with me afterward about my ministry work around the country, and how they could get me to their own churches and radio stations.

Immediately after the show, there was another autograph session to do close-up magic for, and while that happened Altered and Matthew West did their afternoon concert (I sadly had to miss it).

That night we listened to speaker, David Nasser, and then the music of MercyMe.  What a great night it was, and over $60,000 was donated by the ship guests to help pay for orphanages in Haiti.

The last thing of the night, usically speaking, was the farewell concert in the Atrium.  My personal favorite was The Katinas, with their Samoan/Latin/dance sound.

Music Boat 2009 - Wednesday

I woke up on Wednesday, knowing that it would be a very full day.

We got up early in order to be off the ship by 8 AM when our excursion in Nassau, Bahamas, was leaving.  We opted to go Clear Kayaking.  It was fun, but about 20 minutes into kayaking, the guide asked if we wanted to snorkel instead.  It didn't take us more than 45 seconds to get to the boat, get our gear on and jump back in the water!

Don & Deanna

We purchased 3 bags of fish food and fed the fish as they came right up to us to eat.  Bruce saw a small stingray swim under him.  I saw Dori & Nemo, though they look a lot smaller in real life than they do in "Finding Nemo".

On the way to the snorkeling area we saw what used to be Charlie Chaplin's home, as well as the Michael Jackson Suite in the Atlantis hotel.  Amazing structures they both were.

The Michael Jackson Suite - Atlantis Hotel

We did a little geocaching on Nassau, then headed back onto the boat.

I then started assembling my unicycles for the 2 shows that evening.  I was told that I was opening for illusionist Brock Gill, but what they neglected to tell me was that I was also opening for Toby Mac!  Yes, you read that right: Christian music artist Toby Mac.  And those crowds (I did it twice) were pumped up for a great concert!

Toby Mac, Deanna
(does she look excited?!?!)

Both Brock Gill and Toby Mac were great.  Toby always puts on a great show, as well as inspiring and fun music.

After the Toby Mac concert, we headed up to the Viking Crown Lounge, a piano lounge with a 360 degree view of the ocean at the top of the ship.  Bruce & I started performing magic for the people already there, and we continued on for almost 2.5 hours, as people came and went the entire time.  There were about 8 people that stayed the entire time, and later referred to themselves as our "groupies".  It was very fun, as we tag-teamed back and forth doing routine after routine, trying out new stuff and throwing in the good old stand-bys when needed.

Don, getting a laugh from Won Ya
Viking Crown Lounge

Bruce, trying to glimpse Sarah's card
Viking Crown Lounge

Making coins go right through the glass table top
Viking Crown Lounge

It was another fun day at sea.

Music Boat 2009 - Tuesday

Tuesday, day 2 of the cruise, saw us headed for CoCoCay Island in the Bahamas.  As soon as we arrived on the island we went out geocaching, finding one only 15 feet off of the trail.  Then, it was out in the sun.

Don, geocaching on CoCoCay Island

We used a lot of spray-on sunscreen, and then later learned something about it: you should not apply it in the wind.  If you do, all you get on you is the "glue" substance, and very little of the "screen" part.  All three of us ended up more red than expected (alright, we were burned).

CoCoCay Beach

We swam, touched jellyfish, saw fish jumping right out of the water next to us, and Deanna even found a large shark's tooth.

That night we saw 33 Miles, Jars of Clay, Audio Talks (formerly Audio Adrenaline), 321 Improv, Pillar and illusionist Brock Gill.

While standing at the back waiting for the next concert to start, a man in a ball cap walked up and introduced himself.  He was Bello Nock, star of the Ringling Brothers Circus back in 2008.  The next night, I had the honor of introducing him to the folks on the cruise during my 2nd show of the evening.

Bruce, Bello, Don

MusicBoat 2009 - Monday

On May 3rd I had the wonderful privilege of working on my 6th Premier Christian Music Cruise.  Here's the basics of the trip:

The plan was to have my wife, Debbie, go on the trip with me, but due to her school schedule she could not go.  So our daughter, Deanna, as well as one of my magician friends, Bruce Kilber, went with me.
Bruce, Deanna, Don

We flew to Florida on Sunday morning, landing in Orlando around noon.

On Monday, we hopped on the air conditioned bus, heading to Port Canaveral where the ship was docked.  On board the bus, we ended up riding with The Katinas and some of their family members.  One of those boys, Eli, actually knew some magic tricks, so we spent the 45 minute trip sharing magic effects with hum and the rest of the Katina crew.  If you ever want to hear some music that will definitely make you get up and dance, it is The Katinas.  Check them out on the web, as well as as your Christian music outlet.

Don, Eli, Bruce

When we arrived at the port, most of the people were already on board the ship, so we didn't do much performing in the terminal, but when we got onboard we found plenty of people to perform for.

Don in the lobby

While walking around the ship, I was able to listen to a few songs by First Day, an acappella group made up of guys from all walks of life.

On Monday night we enjoyed the concerts of FEE and the David Crowder Band.  Both were really fun concerts, and it was obvious that the musicians in both groups really enjoy the music they make.

After those concerts, we headed up to the outdoor stage to listen to the Katinas.  They really know how to get everyone moving, despite the interesting set-up of the stage (overlooking the swimming pool!).

The Katinas

We then headed indoors to hear one of my favorites, NewSong, including "Defining Moment" and "Arise My Love".  Both songs have such great lyrics and melodies.

Bruce, Deanna & I then had our first of way too many trips to the 24 hour ice cream machine.  We then headed back to our room to laugh, tell jokes, recite limericks, and continue laughing until 2 AM, when none of us could take any more.

Bruce, getting soft serve cone #1 (of over 40)

And that was the end of Day 1.

Found another DonB! picture on the Web

Found this photo of me from last Summer.  I was doing strolling entertainment on my stilts at the Twin City Polo Classic in Independence, MN.

Due to copyright, click HERE to view it.