September 24, 2011

NOTE: This is a post that I thought I posted back in the Spring, but found just now.  -DonB!

Greetings all!

Spring is sprung, and I had some time to research some topics. Here is the first one:

Many Christians claim to be "Calvinists," and others claim to be "Arminians". Well what does that mean?

Calvinists say that some basics of the Christian faith fall under the acronym, TULIP. Each letter stands for a basic "stance" as a Christian:

T - total depravity
U - unconditional election
L - limited atonement
I - irresistible grace
P - perseverance of the saints

If this acronym uses such big words that it seems like a foreign language to you, trust me; it does to many people.

But that is why I enjoy studying these things. Is it enough to become a Christian and then stop learning anything else about Christianity? My thought is absolutely not!

So, here is a short, and well written article explaining how the Arminian and Calvinistic viewpoints differ:

Take a read of the article and let me know what you think.


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