July 18, 2011

Maryland is beautiful

Maryland has been beautiful for our family.  The scenery is amazing.  The place we are working at, Sandy Cove Ministries, is an amazing place for families to get together and worship, play, and relax.

Here are a few notes from our time here so far:

Dale & I drove out here, stopping to visit friends, and seeing what weird places we could find to stretch our legs at.  How about a fireworks tent?

$1400 fireworks kit.  We did NOT buy it!

The trip out here was uneventful, except for one trailer tire malfunction.

Trailer tire repair

Trailer tire Uh-Oh
Upon arriving in Maryland, one of our favorite places to eat is Rita's.
First stop upon our arrival
Dale & I explored Sandy Cove on our unicycles.
Dale on the Sandy Cove Pier

Then we all explored Elk Neck State Park, near Sandy Cove, with our friend Beth-Anne.
Deanna, Deb & Beth-Anne, our friend.

Collecting driftwood for the craft shop
While visiting with our best friends, the Pribulicks, we played in a river, and did a family tradition of Deb's family: damming up a stream.
Damming up the stream

Sandy Cove has so much to offer the guests here, so we took advantage of much of it during the week before guests arrived, including a 9-hole disc golf course.
Deb, on the 7th hole of disc golf

 We decided to check out the premier of the final Harry Potter movie, but DIDN'T go opening night.  When we DID go, however, we purchased the 3D glasses, and it was very cool.
Don, Chris, Deb, Deanna & Dale (camera) at the HP Premier
One of the craft shop projects we put together was a giant spin-art machine.  Craigslist put us in touch with the barn fan, and with a couple of hours time, we had a fully functioning spin art machine.
Building a spin-art machine out of a barn fan

Finished project, after 2 weeks of use.

Then we took a one day trip to Washington DC, and the Smithsonian Institute.

Part of the Berlin Wall

The original Charlie McCarthy

Deanna, Deb, Don, Dale and Beth-Anne at the Lincoln Memorial

The Korean War Memorial: Somber and amazing.

The Korean War Memorial, with me reflected among the faces.

Me, as a goofy looking tourist

A view of the (under construction) reflecting pool

Original Song of the South marquee poster
While introducing ourselves before the evening session, I realized I was sitting right next to 2 pioneers of Christian music, and very pro-family ministers.  They are super people.
Speakers this week: Steve & Annie Chapman. Me, looking giddy.
We are now in our 3rd week of time here, and each week has been a great experience.  This week there is even a family from Minnesota here.

Until next time...


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