May 10, 2010

Hand Shadows are fun. And scary?

Last Saturday, while performing in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there were two small "smart lights" on the floor of the stage.  So, in the middle of the show, I thought I would take advantage of one of them and performed an abbreviated version of my hand shadow act on the closest wall.

I made a wolf shadow, and had him bark, making people giggle a little.  I then made a bunny rabbit, and people made quiet "aawwww" sounds.  I then transformed one hand into the bunny, and the other into the wolf.  As one little girl made sense of the shadows, it suddenly occurred to her the dilemma that the bunny was now in. (He could get eaten by the wolf).  The girl started crying, sobbing "noooo, nooooo,..."

I explained that it was only a shadow, and to ease her discomfort, made a really nice kitty cat shadow for her.  Again, I think she still was feeling the sadness over the possibility of the bunny getting eaten, so I "disassembled" the kitty cat, showed her my hands were back to normal, and went on with the show as scheduled.

It is amazing how complicated the mind of children can be, in that two shadows were able to be "real" in her mind.

It makes me wonder what it would take to "un-complicate" our adult minds, filled with life's worries and responsibilities, and become as children once again.  Life would be so much simpler.  As long as we don't encounter those hand shadows again. :)

I'll leave you with this fun one:


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