May 11, 2009

MusicBoat 2009 - Monday

On May 3rd I had the wonderful privilege of working on my 6th Premier Christian Music Cruise.  Here's the basics of the trip:

The plan was to have my wife, Debbie, go on the trip with me, but due to her school schedule she could not go.  So our daughter, Deanna, as well as one of my magician friends, Bruce Kilber, went with me.
Bruce, Deanna, Don

We flew to Florida on Sunday morning, landing in Orlando around noon.

On Monday, we hopped on the air conditioned bus, heading to Port Canaveral where the ship was docked.  On board the bus, we ended up riding with The Katinas and some of their family members.  One of those boys, Eli, actually knew some magic tricks, so we spent the 45 minute trip sharing magic effects with hum and the rest of the Katina crew.  If you ever want to hear some music that will definitely make you get up and dance, it is The Katinas.  Check them out on the web, as well as as your Christian music outlet.

Don, Eli, Bruce

When we arrived at the port, most of the people were already on board the ship, so we didn't do much performing in the terminal, but when we got onboard we found plenty of people to perform for.

Don in the lobby

While walking around the ship, I was able to listen to a few songs by First Day, an acappella group made up of guys from all walks of life.

On Monday night we enjoyed the concerts of FEE and the David Crowder Band.  Both were really fun concerts, and it was obvious that the musicians in both groups really enjoy the music they make.

After those concerts, we headed up to the outdoor stage to listen to the Katinas.  They really know how to get everyone moving, despite the interesting set-up of the stage (overlooking the swimming pool!).

The Katinas

We then headed indoors to hear one of my favorites, NewSong, including "Defining Moment" and "Arise My Love".  Both songs have such great lyrics and melodies.

Bruce, Deanna & I then had our first of way too many trips to the 24 hour ice cream machine.  We then headed back to our room to laugh, tell jokes, recite limericks, and continue laughing until 2 AM, when none of us could take any more.

Bruce, getting soft serve cone #1 (of over 40)

And that was the end of Day 1.

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