May 11, 2009

Music Boat 2009 - Saturday

This was to be our last day in Florida, so we decided to do a few touristy things.  We hit 2 flea markets, looking for bargains, and then headed up to Daytona Beach for some sun and swimming.

The weather on this entire trip was beautiful, and this day was no exception.  The waves were crashing at about 4 feet, and we jumped and played for 4 hours.

We then met one of my best friends, Kevin, and his son, Joseph, for a 36-hole game of miniature golf.  No matter how hard we tried, Kevin beat us pretty badly.  It sure was great to see him again after a year apart.  I just wish his wife and daughter could have come also, but too much work for school to be done.  Oh well, next time then.

To finish off our trip, we boarded the plane at 7 AM on Sunday, and were back in Minnesota by 11 in the morning.

Home sweet home.

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