May 11, 2009

Music Boat 2009 - Wednesday

I woke up on Wednesday, knowing that it would be a very full day.

We got up early in order to be off the ship by 8 AM when our excursion in Nassau, Bahamas, was leaving.  We opted to go Clear Kayaking.  It was fun, but about 20 minutes into kayaking, the guide asked if we wanted to snorkel instead.  It didn't take us more than 45 seconds to get to the boat, get our gear on and jump back in the water!

Don & Deanna

We purchased 3 bags of fish food and fed the fish as they came right up to us to eat.  Bruce saw a small stingray swim under him.  I saw Dori & Nemo, though they look a lot smaller in real life than they do in "Finding Nemo".

On the way to the snorkeling area we saw what used to be Charlie Chaplin's home, as well as the Michael Jackson Suite in the Atlantis hotel.  Amazing structures they both were.

The Michael Jackson Suite - Atlantis Hotel

We did a little geocaching on Nassau, then headed back onto the boat.

I then started assembling my unicycles for the 2 shows that evening.  I was told that I was opening for illusionist Brock Gill, but what they neglected to tell me was that I was also opening for Toby Mac!  Yes, you read that right: Christian music artist Toby Mac.  And those crowds (I did it twice) were pumped up for a great concert!

Toby Mac, Deanna
(does she look excited?!?!)

Both Brock Gill and Toby Mac were great.  Toby always puts on a great show, as well as inspiring and fun music.

After the Toby Mac concert, we headed up to the Viking Crown Lounge, a piano lounge with a 360 degree view of the ocean at the top of the ship.  Bruce & I started performing magic for the people already there, and we continued on for almost 2.5 hours, as people came and went the entire time.  There were about 8 people that stayed the entire time, and later referred to themselves as our "groupies".  It was very fun, as we tag-teamed back and forth doing routine after routine, trying out new stuff and throwing in the good old stand-bys when needed.

Don, getting a laugh from Won Ya
Viking Crown Lounge

Bruce, trying to glimpse Sarah's card
Viking Crown Lounge

Making coins go right through the glass table top
Viking Crown Lounge

It was another fun day at sea.

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