May 22, 2009

The L.O.L. Tour

Don        -        Ben        -        Randy

L.O.L. = Laugh Out Loud

My good friend, Pastor Randy Christensen, puts together a group of performers just about every year, and does a 7-10 day tour with the show.

This year, Randy, along with his son, Ben, came up with the "Laugh Out Loud" concept and decided that it described the elements of the individual shows that all three of us do.  Hence, the L.O.L. Tour was begun.

Our first show was in Brainerd, Minnesota, as a "FUN-raiser" for the Youth for Christ group in Brainerd.

We rehearsed 3 or 4 times over the last year, deciding which segments of our own individual shows should be included, as well as what new ideas we could work on as a group and incorporate into the show.

Ben Christensen, a student at North Central University, now performs throughout the Summer, and can juggle the diabolo amazingly. He did some of his hat & cane juggling, a newer tennis ball routine as well as his diabolo routine that boggles my eyes just to watch.

Randy, who can do just about anything performance related, did a couple of mime pieces, including his full William Tell routine (very creative) with an audience volunteer, and a fun ventriloquism act.

I did my favorite rope routine (the one people ask about after almost every show), the newer bowling ball act, and my unicycles.

For the finale, we revised the full 12 minute kitchen scene from the "Cirque Imaginings" show we toured with 2 years ago.  We expanded the club juggling portion, and finished with Randy's tension building 6-high chair stacking bit (scares me every time).

The show ended with a standing ovation from the audience, so they really liked it.

In August, we will be touring around Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois for two weeks with the show.  As soon as I have specific dates and locations, I will post them on my website (

If you or your church is interested in booking the LOL Show, go HERE and submit your information to Randy.  He can contact you with the details.

See you on the road...


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