May 1, 2011

Last Weekend's Adventures

Last weekend was a busy, yet strange weekend.

On Thursday Deb & I headed down to the Twin Cities for the grand re-opening of Sears Imported Autos.  The night's theme was "Cabaret," and I played "Joel Gray on Stilts".
Loren Daniels, DonB!
The next day found me wandering around downtown Minneapolis, attempting to deliver a 6-foot long submarine sandwich, for a film short by Norm Barnhart.  We got some good footage inside the IDS building before being kindly asked/told to leave.  When I spotted a beautifully long escalator in the downtown TCF bank, the security there actually invited us to film in their place.  We utilized the escalators, and filmed in the spiraling staircase for almost an hour.  I can't wait for the editing to be done, and when it is I will send you all a link to view it.
DonB, in the parking ramp.
What a life!


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