May 6, 2011

DonB's Latest Hobby/FUNdraiser

As some of you know, I have been playing with fancy knotwork for the last year and have just completed my next set of projects.

I have completed my first 5 fancy hiking sticks, or "staffs" as many refer to them.

Dad - Mom - Red - Mine - 4 Red Rings

Five different styles, using five different methods and knot techniques.

#1 - The first one is called DAD, based on who I made it for.  It is a larger diameter staff, with a double half-moku knot pattern, topped off by 2 tripled Turkshead knots.

#2 - Similar to the first one, but named MOM, because I made it for her.  It is a single-strand St. Mary's hitching, finished with 2 smaller turkshead knots, on a smaller diameter staff.

#3 - Simply titled RED, it is a full moku-hitching pattern, with 2 turkshead knots, done in red dyed cotton.

#4 - MINE.  Can you guess which one I'm keeping for me? It is a 3-strand ringbolt hitching, with the usual turkshead knots finishing it. This pattern makes for the most comfortable grip.

#5 - 4 RED RINGS was my experiment with 2-strand St. Mary's hitching. The red line is added for 12 rotations, making a 3-strand hitching, then back to 2-strands in white. I like the way this one turned out.

All of them are topped off with a leather strap, as well as a keyring through the top to attach accessories such as bear bells or whistles.

As a fund raiser for my ministry work, I figured I would make some of these for purchase.  Depending on style, and which wood I use, they will sell for $50-95.00 each. The ones pictured are done on light colored birch.

If you are interested in one for yourself, or if you know someone that does a lot of hiking or trail walking, please let them know about these.  They take about a 2 weeks to complete.

Alright, it's time to get some other work done.


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