September 23, 2008

DonB! and "Sens de Vie" Show

An amazing new touring show, "Sens de Vie", featuring illusionist B.J. Harris is hitting the road. And DonB! is a big part of it.

I spent a week in Franklin, Tennessee, working with BJ Harris and his managers (former Audio Adrenaline members) on this new touring show. I could try and describe it, but I will instead provide you with some links to information about it.

To see the promotional video click HERE

To see BJ describe the purpose behind the show click HERE

We did the show for the first time in Jekyl Island, Georgia, and it was a huge success. Amazing lighting, curtains, sound, and the show itself is probably the highest quality 3-performer show I've ever been a part of.

If you can get out and see the show, wherever it tours to over the next 2 years, do it. You will be glad you did.

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