July 29, 2009

Garrison Play Days

Last weekend, Dale & I went up to Garrison, Minnesota, and performed for the Garrison Play Days Celebration.

On Saturday we rode our unicycles in the city parade, did some strolling entertainment in my stilts, and then did a show under the big top tent. The tent was completely packed with people by the end of the show, probably around 300-350 total.

On Sunday I did my version of "Jonah & the Whale" in the morning community service, did some more strolling entertainment prior to the afternoon show, and then did another show at 3PM under the big top. The crowd was smaller that day, but they were a fun bunch of folks from around the area.

I even had some geocachers from the area come up and talk after the program, so it was an added surprise.

Here is the program for the Sunday AM community church service:

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