July 24, 2009

Funniest Show last night

My final Trout Lake Day Camp show last night was at First Baptist Church/New Hope Church in Cambridge, Minnesota.

I did my show in two sections. The first part went fairly normal. Fairly.

But the second part went weird somewhere. When I asked "Tim" up on stage to help during the toilet paper routine, everything seemed to be going just fine. Until we actually got to the stage.

Tim was acting as if he may have to go potty (gestures and dancing were my cue), so I muted my microphone and asked him. He said, "No", so I suggested he not "hold himself", or the audience may laugh at him. He "went normal". Until about 3 minutes into the routine...

When the 2nd toilet paper ball disappeared, I asked if it was hiding under the chair. He looked, sat back and said, "Nope,..." and I made the mistake of turning towards the audience, turning AWAY from Tim. He then continued his sentence by saying, "but it might be hidden in HERE." Before I could stop the train wreck that was about to happen, Tim practically stripped himself clean from the waist down. Thank heaven for Under-Roos. Keep in mind that Tim was about 9 years old.

I quickly blocked the view of the audience to Tim, while he re-clothed himself, and then I spun his chair to face the back of the stage (comedy improv moment). Well, with Tim's antics, and my reactions, the audience went into hysterics. (I realize you really had to be there to completely understand, but it was out-of-control FUNNY) With a few more improvised lines, and a the proper facial gestures of embarrassment, the funniness built to a spot that I could barely hold together. I was laughing. The audience was laughing. Tim may have been laughing. Tim's parents? I don't know what they were doing. But it was funny!

The routine eventually came to an end, coming in at almost 5 minutes longer than usual, and Tim was escorted back to his seat.

Then came the Unicycle Medley. The two kids that helped me were not as tangent as Tim, but the young boy was pretty close. (cough) ADHD (cough)

When I put him in his spot to stand, he was gone before I could turn away. I put him back again, and within a second, he was back again trying to uncover the hidden unicycles behind my curtain. I placed him there again, firmly said to remain there, and he (almost) did.

Every time I asked the audience, "Should we get a bigger one?!?!", the boy ran backstage to retrieve the next unicycle, even though he didn't know which one I really wanted.

It all went fine after all. Nobody died. Everyone laughed. I aged about 15 years in 10 minutes. And the senior pastor came up afterward to ask if I would come back and perform for their Christmas Party this year. "Sure," I said, "but NO toilet paper!"

I'm tired. :)


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