March 17, 2007

Jerry Andrus and DonB!

This is the pair of photos that was taken in 2002 of Jerry Andrus and I. Jerry is very famous for the optical illusions that he has created, and is the creator of the Spiral Illusion further on down in this BLOG (He also created the Christmas Ornament Box that I perform at the beginning of my show). We tried to make these photos reflect the idea of an optical illusion. (Click on the clipping and it will enlarge so you can read the text.)

Just recently I was told Jerry was having problems with his health. Pray that Jerry has true peace in his life as he approaches what could possibly be a fatal health problem.

Jerry also has some amazing poetry online, some of which you can read here: Even though Jerry describes himself as an agnostic, I had some interesting talks with him about how his poetry reflects who God is, as well as God's creation.

Pray for Jerry. What a neat guy.

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