March 19, 2007

DonB! has a new Unicycle

Many of you know that I travel around the country (& out of the country 3 times), always driving to my U.S. destinations. I drive, usually because I have my tall unicycle that doesn't pack small enough to fly with.

Well, that's about to change. Just today, I purchased the Nimbus Performer's Series Convertible Giraffe from This unicycle is ideal, because it can be either a 5-footer or a 7-footer, depending on the ceiling height of the room I am in. The best feature is that it diassembles to fit into a standard suitcase for travel.

If any of you are in the market for a unicycle of any size or shape, I highly suggest you call 1-800-UNICYCLE. Talk to their knowledgeable staff, and they'll help get you onto the unicycle that suits you best. Please tell them DonB! sent you.
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