November 22, 2007

Back online...after 2 weeks off.

Greetings everyone. It is so nice to be back online. My Internet connection was not working for almost 3 full weeks, but thanks to my 11-year-old son, Dale, playing with the ActiveX controls and the Add-Ons menu, it's working again. Yay!!

On 11/8, I did a Character-Building Show for the Title 1 Program at Trailview School in Mora. There were 65 kids and 75 adults in attendance. It was a great opportunity for our hometown school to get the word out about what Title 1 Enrichment is and how it can benefit the kids that really need it.

On 11/11, my illusionist friend, Toby Travis, asked me if I would help out at a show at the historic Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I met his crew there at 8:30AM, and helped load all of his equipment into the theatre. We (there were 7 of us) spent the next 5-1/2 hours setting up the show, including his very extensive lighting system. He did 2 shows, one at 3 PM and one at 7:30 PM. My parents came out to see the 3 PM show, and some other magicians from the Twin Cities came to the 7 PM show.

The shows were a lot of fun. Nick Sharpe, from here in Minnesota opened each show with his "Street Performing" character presenting card manipulations and finding a signed card in a lemon! It was great, as he was able to really warm up the audience and get them into "show mood". Toby carried the rest of the show by performing his illusions, as well as some smaller mind benders such as linking rings and a very cool dancing handkerchief routine.

I performed a 12-15 set in the 2nd half with my ring juggling, Headmover illusion, Bowling ball juggling and finished with the Unicycle Medley. The audiences were both great, and they set me up for some funny moments of improvisation. Thanks Toby.

What I learned while in St. Cloud is that these 2 shows were the last BIG illusions shows Toby will be doing for some years. With his main female assistants (his daughters) growing up and doing their own things, Toby has decided to pursue more of his overseas ministry work, utilizing mostly props and routines that can more easily fly to the locations. Please pray that direction from God will be clear for Toby and MAGI Ministries, and that many more doors will be opened to share the Gospel in the countries where he ministers.

On 11/16 and 11/17, I had the wonderful privilege of watching our daughter, Deanna, act and dance in the Mora High School musical, Hello Dolly, here in Mora. She was great, as was the entire show, including all of the choreography (done by my wife, Deb). Wow, what a talented family!!!

The FUN-raiser that I have previously mentioned for Althea Kilber took place on November 17th. There were games for kids, a bakery sale, hot dogs, cotton candy, pop, a HUGE silent auction and a variety show featuring many different magic talents from across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Norm Barnhart, the organizer of the show, asked me to be the closing act. Once again, thanks to the great acts that performed before me, the audience was roaring with laughter and having a good time. So my part was even easier. I finished with the unicycles, and my son, Dale, rode his unicycle off the edge of the stage (on purpose), and successfully bounced all the way back up the steps to the stage again. The audience loved it, and I am a very proud Papa.

And, I have to say, for all of you that were not able to make it to the event, Althea looked great! Even with cancer throughout her body, it obviously has not hurt her spirit. Her smile was an uplift to all in attendance. There were so many people there, it was wonderful. I don't know the exact amount the event raised, but it was around $5000.00. Very cool. Please continue to pray for the Kilber family as they continue the struggle with the uncomprehedible thing called cancer.

Tuesday, the 20th, I did my first human statue event for Mannequin in Motion. I was made up to look like a marble statue, and stood on a platform in the middle of the room at a party for the big $$$ contributors to the St. Cloud Hospital. Some big names were there, but the one we had the most fun with was "Aunt" Mable Coborn, the founder of Coborns grocery stores. Debbie was there as my "spotter", making sure no one messed around with the statue too much. Other than a cramp in my left leg, it was quite an experience.

Well, let me finish by reminding all of you to take some time today, and give thanks to God above for the many blessings He has brought into your lives. If I had to list all of mine, we'd be here for an eternity. Even in the hard times, remember to give thanks.

I'll leave you with this verse:

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you
in Christ Jesus.
-I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from DonB! and the whole Bursell family.


----that's my beautiful wife, Debbie

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  1. You look great in white. Even though it's after Labor Day.