September 12, 2007

A Wonderful Busy September

Wow. Time flies. When you are having fun!

September 1st found me doing the "Dr. of Merriment" Show at Inspiration Point Camp in Western Minnesota. They had a great turnout of people, and I've already booked another show from it in Fergus Falls, MN. for 2008. My kids, Deanna and Dale, both performed their unicycles in the show too (Mom was in CA running a 1/2 marathon; GO MOM!) I look forward to going back there again in the future. I especially want to thank Tara for all of her work in getting me up to Inspiration Point. Thanks to Greg and Janet for their encouragement, and to Pete for running all of the sound for the show. You folks have a great thing going at Camp. See you again some time.

September 2nd I drove back up to Trout Lake Camp, for my ???10th??? time there. This time, the room was absolutely packed. Standing room only in the back. James Rock, the program director, requested I perform the spinning plates in the show, so I did. It worked, but not without 4 or 5 broken plates all over the stage. Dale, my son, tossed me the plates as I needed them, and together we managed to break a couple of more by not catching them. One plate even flew past Dale, off the stage and onto the hard floor. It SHATTERED! For the message, I tried out the newer 3-ball message that I built while in Alabama last month. I think that even though it is not "magical" in effect, it still tells the story of God, the fall of man, God's love for us, Christ's love for us, and the ability to have our sins forgiven and beginning living the life that God created each one of us for. If YOU have seen this message/routine, and have any comments on it (good or bad), please email me with them, or click on the COMMENTS word below to submit to me your thoughts.

James Rock, the program director at Trout Lake, is a real go-getter, with great ideas, and the wonderful ability to get things done in a fashion that is God-honoring, fun for campers, and makes everyone excited about God and Christ. To read an article James wrote, click HERE. I'm thankful that James has put his trust in my programs over the years and allowed me to be a part of family camps so many times. James, you ROCK!

September 6th had me over in Moundsview, MN, doing 6 shows for Pinewood Elementary's Reading Program kick-off event. The shows were really fun, but somehow I was put into the only room in the school without air conditioning. It was 95 degrees outside, and about 90 degrees inside. I survived just fine thanks to 4 fans that the school staff brought in. Thanks also to Julie Pidde and Principal Bill Book for working out the details for all 6 shows. It was great performing for and talking to your kids.

On the 7th, I did some meet and greet for the national Hummel Figurine Convention in Minneapolis. I also did a 20 minute show with some folks from the audience, including the Egg Bag, the Bowling Ball and the Toilet Paper Routine. It was fun. I was dressed as Rocco Fischetti, whom I had never really thought about. I always imagined it was some imaginary character that Metro Connections had made up. Well, at this event, a lady was there, WITH PICTURES OF THE REAL ROCCO FISCHETTI, an Italian-American mobster. It was almost surreal,standing there talking to a lady that was related to, and had pictures of, the character that I was playing. Really weird.

Gotta run. On my way to Ogema, Wisconsin for a show tonight.


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