July 12, 2007

Segue into other things

On June 26th, I walked my stilts at Nicollet Island in Minneapolis for a corporate party for General Mills employees. One of the other "displays" they had there were Segways, 2-wheeled personal transportation vehicles. I so badly wanted to try one with my stilts on, but they politely declined my offer by saying that "their insurance wouldn't cover someone on stilts". Whatever. Do YOU see anything wrong with that picture?!?

I then went over to Grindstone Lake Bible Camp in Sandstone, MN. It was a group of about 150 people, and the part that made me the most nervous was that 1/2 of the audience was made up of teens. They did great, I did great, and we all lived happily ever after.

The next day, my daughter, Deanna, and I attended a workshop for Mannequin in Motion/Osprey Productions. Both Deanna & I already have our first bookings as "human Mannequins". It looks like I will be at the MN State Fair, and Deanna will be a human flower for a trade show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Stay tuned for more developments with Mannequin in Motion as the year goes on. I wonder how long I can actually stand still without falling asleep. Hmm...

On July 3rd, I returned to one of my favorite places to perform, Camp Lebanon, in Upsala, Minnesota. Way back in 1989, when Debbie & I started utilizing our shows in ministry work, Camp Lebanon, and its director, Bill Abeler, gave us the opportunity to do our various shows at the camp. Well, 18 years later, I think I have performed at Camp Lebanon more than any other place. I believe I am somewhere around 40 shows for them! 40 shows, and "Bobber Bill" has seen them all! Strange thing is: he still laughs at the show.

If your family is looking for a quiet place to spend some time, be sure to look into Camp Lebanon. Tell them DonB! sent you.

Last weekend I flew to Salisbury, North Carolina, to perform and share the Gospel for the opening night of Vacation Bible School for Calvary Baptist Church. Misty Sells, the director of VBS, found my name while searching the Internet. She called, we talked, and then booked the event.

Kirby Sells picked me up at the airport, and drove me all over the place while I was there. The program went really well. I presented the Gospel for the approximately 220 people in attendance, many from the neighborhood. I wasn't asked to do an invitation, but the teachers are doing one each night in their classroom time. Kids really are the way to get new people into church. Calvary is doing it the right way.

The day I was to leave, the pastor, Dr. Rick Cockerham took me to the famous North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. It has the largest roundhouse in the world: 37 stalls. It was a treat to see some of the local sites other than just the airport. Thanks Pastor Rick.

I flew back to Minnesota on July 9th, my 19th wedding anniversary! Take a look at that wedding photo from 1988. Look how much hair I had! Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...

Last, if you live in the East Central part of Minnesota, and Curious George (the monkey) is coming to your library, please stop and say "hi" to him. You see, he's being played by someone very close to me, someone that has been married the exact same amount of time I've been. Here's a hint: look at the photo to the right. Curious George is on the left. What a beauty.


  1. Wow, what a great looking couple. You both must have come from great stock.

  2. Mannequins in Motion sounds like a lot of fun. I hope Deanna enjoys it. She could probably make good money at it.